Help! TH-3 Jr Matching network

Wed Jun 22 06:24:15 EDT 1994

Help! With field day just arround the corner, the TH-3 Jr that we are going to 
use has lost it's matching section! I have the documentation from Hygain, but it 
doesn't give the dimensions for that particular piece. Does anyone out there 
have one that they could measure out and let me know the dimensions? Or, any 
suggestions on replacing it (before field day, of course!)?

Any help would be appreciated. 

Thanks... Kevin N1EPU

>From Barry Martz <ki8w at freenet.Grfn.ORG>  Wed Jun 22 12:13:45 1994
From: Barry Martz <ki8w at freenet.Grfn.ORG> (Barry Martz)
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 1994 07:13:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Repeaters!
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9406220708.A26499-0100000 at>

Funny to hear all the talk about repeaters.  I live in a city of about 
20,000 and we have about a dozen repeaters!  I have decided to change the 
name of the local club to the Net and Repeater club.  That's all they do 
up here!  Sad situation.  

73 de KI8W/Barry

>From K9VV - Fred Kleber <0006636049 at>  Wed Jun 22 13:09:00 1994
From: K9VV - Fred Kleber <0006636049 at> (K9VV - Fred Kleber)
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 94 07:09 EST
Subject: QSL Guide
Message-ID: <52940622120925/0006636049PK4EM at>

Whoever was looking for the K3CHP QSL guide (with all of the QSL phrases in
20 or so different languages) I found mine.  Please contact me directly if
you're still in need.

73 - Fred Fubar, k9vv at

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