NAQP & awards

KM9P at KM9P at
Fri Jun 24 11:51:35 EDT 1994

If you are looking for a certificate for a past NAQP effort, it will be done
in time.  The problem is that the two people doing the logs are very QRV with
work and other responsibilities at this time.  

The solution:  We need to get 2 other people to take over the NAQP and the
awards program.  Just think of the fame & glory that will come your way with
this prestigious position!  You'll get your NCJ before everyone else!  Your
XYL will be proud to see your name in print!  Other contesters will QSY from
your running frequency, because they know you are the guying checking the
logs!  (not!)

Seriously, if you are interested in checking the NAQP logs drop a note to me
or KZ2S or WN4KKN.  


Bill Fisher, KM9P

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