Canada Day Contest Rules

zf8bs at zf8bs at
Fri Jun 24 08:46:27 EDT 1994

The Canada Day Contest as described in this month's CQ sounds like an
interesting game to play.  I've never done this one before, so I have
no idea how much participation there is in it, but this year I'm going
to give it a run.  However, the scoring rules are not clear to me and
I would appreciate any enlightenment anybody familiar with this contest
can provide.  According to CQ, "Credit 1 multiplier per band and 
mode worked for Canadian provincess and territories (12 maximum)."
The way it's done in the ARRL-DX contest for the DX side, there are
13 VE multipliers.  Those 13 are NB, NS, PEI, NF, LAB, PQ, ON,
MB, SK, AB, BC, NWT, and YU.  Which two of these are counted as one
for the Canada Day Contest?  The other thing not clear from the 
write-up is which bands are in the contest.  I will guess that it's 
the standard 6 band format, which means that the maximum multiplier is 
             6 bands x 2 modes x 12mults/band-mode = 144.
Can anybody clarify?
                                        Bruce Sawyer, AA6KX

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