Mon Jun 27 18:09:18 EDT 1994

K6NP was operated by several dx/contest types

AH8I (ex AA6LB/KH8)
NB6G (P40V world record operator from old days)
N6UXB (Mrs 9K2WR and qsl mgr)
NV6O (you know..............)

Class 1A - Ordbend Park - Glenn County, Ca.
Next to Sacramento River - Rice paddies, orchards, mosquito pools

80/40   phased HF2V's (Friday nite's project - build variable phasing
                        network from compendium)

20/15/10  TA-33 at 35'

Ummmmmm, was 80 meters noisy for everyone else Saturday Nite?  We had
an S-9 +5 hash level.  Not local power stuff, but general multi-variate
gaussian type crap.  That ruined our dream of all nite cw.

Needed 3 hands to operate.  1 for tuning knob, 1 for keyer, 1 to scratch
legs into bloody pulp to relieve mosquito bite itching.

No 10 meters, some 15 meters, about 50-50 phone and cw.  Total about 670
q's.  yuchh!  bonus for packet and message orig. Big deal.

Alan, you did the right thing with the 20 mtr ant.  Now where can I find
a used 204BA for CQP????

Eric, NV6O
edwoods at pacbell.com

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