"Wierd Phonetics"

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On Wed, 29 Jun 1994 10:58:36 CST, Evert Halbach wrote:

>Seen a post on "Wierd Phonetics".  Never could think up a good one 
>for my call "WA5OJI".  Well maybe with the trial going on someone can 
>dream up a good one for me.......
>        73 de wa5OJi  Evert
how about OJ involved

heard a good one: OJ's Not guilty because he was a Buffalo Bill.  Buffalo
Bills choke not stab.
Len WF2V

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Subject: K3ZJ makes good
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Commissioner Susan Ness today appointed David R. Siddall as Legal Advisor.
Mr. Siddall will concentrate on mass media and wireless matters.

Mr. Siddall has contributed to a number of major Commission policy actions 
intended to foster the availability of new technologies and services to the 
public.  Since 1991, Mr. Siddall has served as Chief of the Frequency 
Allocation Branch, which is responsible for authorizing use of the radio 
spectrum by the many wireless services.

He has played a key role in establishing policies to govern the personal 
communications and low-earth orbit satellite services, as well as for 
digital audio broadcasting.

In the Mass Media Bureau from 1988 to 1991, Mr. Siddall was lead attorney 
for formulating the Commission s initial policies governing high definition 
During 1989 he also served as Acting Assistant Chief, Law, of the Mass Media 
Bureau with responsibility for many of the Commission s actions affecting 
broadcast and cable.
In the Common Carrier Bureau, between 1985 and 1988, Mr. Siddall contributed 
to the Commission s Computer Three policies that govern provision of 
enhanced services by telephone common carriers.

Before joining the Commission in 1985, Mr. Siddall specialized in 
communications law at the Congressional Research Service of the Library of 
Congress, where he worked on a broad range of communications legislation and 

Mr. Siddall earned his J.D. degree at The National Law Center of the George 
Washington University, where he was articles editor of the Journal of 
International Law and Economics.  He is a member of the Bars of the District 
of Columbia and the U.S. Supreme Court.  A native of Cape Cod, 
Massachusetts, Mr. Siddall resides with his wife Mary and sons James and 
Michael in Great Falls, Virginia.

>From eric%modular.UUCP at cs.arizona.edu (Eric Gustafson)  Thu Jun 30 21:28:52 1994
From: eric%modular.UUCP at cs.arizona.edu (Eric Gustafson) (Eric Gustafson)
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 94 13:28:52 MST
Subject: field day
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>   Problem with this is that every time the sunspot cycle is at a peak, FD 
>   will be scheduled for January. Who wants to put up 9 mono- and tribanders 
>   in the middle of January in the East? Steve KO0U/4

Why would you do that for field day anohow?

73,  Eric  N7CL

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