2 shield, 2 insulated coax vs pl259

Fri Mar 11 13:30:02 EST 1994

Now that my rotator woes are on the road to recovery - thanks to a lot
of wonderful help from the group, I can go on to the next topic that
is baffling me.

How does one handle double shielded flexible transmission line when
attaching PL-259's?  Use the outer shield?  Inner shield?  Both?

How about when using transmission line that has two shields and two
extruded layers of dielectric?  Which set do you chose?  The set that
mechanically fits the expected 0.405 in dia. standard dimension?

Are there special fittings for this type of coax?  N or UHF?

See?  I bet you thought you were through with my wierd queries.

Please reply to me at edwoods at pacbell.com and I'll report all hilarious
solutions and comments.

Eric, NV6O (wait til sprINT)

>From charlie.morrison at chowda.sbs.com (Charlie Morrison)  Fri Mar 11 14:47:48 1994
From: charlie.morrison at chowda.sbs.com (Charlie Morrison) (Charlie Morrison)
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 1994 14:47:48 GMT
Subject: Want BRKs W9RE,WX0B,K8AZ
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1994 ARRL DX Phone Band Breakdowns are wanted from :
As promised by K1DG, a message including the TOP Five stations in each
category (mm/m2/ms/soa/sou) will be posted to Intertnet and
Charlie WIZZER
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