km9p at aol.com km9p at aol.com
Wed Mar 23 18:02:15 EST 1994

1)  The writeup/coverage of the ARRL 160 contest with the 5 USA zones was
perfect in this ops opinion.  A top ten USA is mostly meaningless in this
contest anyway.  Never could figure out why N6ND made so many QSO's in a
contest that ignored him (and others west).  Congrats to the ARRL Contest
guys for breaking ground where it should have been broken years ago.

2)  Now that I'm in the process of building a new station, I am full of
questions about antennas and towers.  Before it didn't really interest me. 
Every time I want to ask a question regarding antennas, I don't because I
don't want to use up bandwidth on the reflector, since it isn't exactly a
contesting issue.  Do you think it would make sense to set up a reflector for
antenna and propagation issues?  If so, how do we do it?

3)  I have received over 150 logs on each mode for the NAQP.  This is up by
50% from last year.  I think the shorter contest concept is catching on... 
Could be that combined with the low power appeal.  I would like to add a QRP
category to the contest.  I think it would attract alot of new blood to the
contest. It would be more fun to operate since there is alot of activity, and
not as many HUGE signals to compete with... What do you think?

Sorry to those of you expecting flames from a message de KM9P.  I think Jose
is a great guy, just a little off on his perspective concerning the WPX!


Bill, KM9P at AOL.COM

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