Regional Reporting Part I

jsteinman at jsteinman at
Wed Mar 23 19:01:49 EST 1994

Well I got my April QST today and saw first hand the 160M results. No top ten
boxes this year, top five for many regions. My unsolicited comments .... 

I won 5th place in the "Midwest Region" for multi-single (me plus packet). My
score is a joke, i.e., it's soooo far down from the top four multis in my
"region" it's pitiful. There are other examples in the listing of similar
situations, where creating more top boxes has shown incredibly large deltas
in scores in the same region. Example, so you were number 2 in your region,
but at 50% of the score of the #1 guy. This is something to get excited
about, to motivate you to do more next year ??? What did a top five box buy
YOU ? Nothing, in my opinion.

You say you can "never" make the top ten box ? @#$% !!! 

We all probably know someone who hasn't listened to the naysayers, who was
tops in his "region" but lived in a "disadvantaged" propagation area, who
continued to improve his operating and/or station, and through hard work and
perserverance DID make the box one day ! If I'm this guy, I sure want that
top ten box in place for all to see, for all those guys in the "good"
propagation areas who beat you year after year to see just how bad THEY got

The way QST lists the individual line scores this time, by ARRL Division,  IS
regional reporting, as far as I'm concerned. Keep it but throw away those
"Top Five" boxes. 

If you still think the top ten box is too exclusive, then why not make a
"NEXT TEN" or "TOP 20" box ? Even those in the disadvantaged areas can find a
contest to make that once in awhile, can't they ?

Jeff Steinman, KR0Y
jsteinman at  

As far as the geographic makeup of the regions, it looks pretty reasonable
.... but then again, maybe it's not? Seems like a whole no 

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