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Sun Mar 27 11:49:45 EST 1994

>While a TS450 and a vertical could help as a second rig, it sure won't be

I disagree.  It might not be competitive with a super station, but anything
will make you more competitive and a better operator.  I won S/O Low Power
ARRL one year from home with a single tower.  The 2nd rig consisted of a
TS-830S, a R4 vertical for 20/15/10, and a dipole for 40M.  I worked ALOT of
guys on that 2nd rig.  Suprised me how many guys came right back to my calls.
 In SS this same 2nd station was no worse than anything else I could have put
up.  Everyone hears ya anyway.  

Instead of restricting the S/O we should be looking for ways to turn them
loose.  The guy that can operate 2 rigs at once is a better op. than one that


>From Charles Fulp Jr <0006313915 at>  Sun Mar 27 19:45:00 1994
From: Charles Fulp Jr <0006313915 at> (Charles Fulp Jr)
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 94 14:45 EST
Subject: Florida Contest Club  request
Message-ID: <43940327194534/0006313915PK2EM at>

Jim has raised an important issue.  All coastal contest clubs have large
areas where only /MM stations can operate.  I got out my map and drew a 
circle centered on the Liberty Bell, traditional center of the Frankford
Radio Club.   If you count the Chesapeake bay, We have more of our territory
under water than Florida does.  I drew another based on my guess of where
the northernmost YCCC station was, and surprisingly it falls almost entirely
on land...something about the shape of New England that lets you draw the
circle without hitting the great lakes or  much of the Atlantic. Once you 
approach the black hole, of course you can draw all the circles you like
over prime antenna building sites.  Since our group only impinges on YCCC
and PVRC territory when a member moves up or down the coast, our radius
is actually considerably less than 300 miles.  I propose we trade the water
portion for All of PA and the coastal area we now have.  All those K3LR
please attend the FRC meeting at Dayton, just  in case.
      73 de K3WW, Chas

>From David R. Siddall" <0006358668 at  Sun Mar 27 22:17:00 1994
From: David R. Siddall" <0006358668 at (David R. Siddall)
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 94 17:17 EST
Subject: State-Based Club Competitions
Message-ID: <54940327221745/0006358668PK4EM at>

> K1ZX proposed to the ARRL that his contest club be treated differently
than all other clubs; that land area be based on state boundaries rather
than a 175 mile radius from a central point, because "The 58,560 square
miles of FLorida is about 60% of the possible 96,560 square miles allowed in
the ARRL medium category's territory" (i.e., Jim argues that about 40% of
his club's territory is over water, not land).
> K3WW responds that FRC has same situation, and so proposes that FRC "trade
the water portion for All of PA and the coastal area we now have."

Remembering the battles 20 or more years ago on defining club territories,
its great to have this issue raised again.  Just goes to show that nothing
is ever final.  

Florida has one of the highest ham populations per mile in the entire
country, but Jim wants more.  I suggest considering Kansas. Centering on
Topeka, under the existing rules one should be able to get every last square
mile into a club.  No sweat.  And good luck with that club competition.    

And Chas, not to miss a chance, suggests an all-PA club, so long as FRC can
retain "the coastal area we now have."  By any chance are New Jersey and
Delaware the "coastal area" Chas has in mind?  Would Chas give up N2RM,
AA1K, and a bunch of others, for WPA, even with K3LR? 

Which brings us back to subjects like "equalization" and "blackholes."
Perhaps both coasts have high ham population densities that more than make
up for territory "lost" over water? 

Or maybe state-based club competition --"pure" states -- WOULD be something
to try.  But watch out - K1IU in poor R.I. may want to fix things "just to
make it fair."

The club competition categories have a "number of entries" component in
addition to geographic component.  Maybe the number of entries, without
geographic limitations, (like the Sprint teams) should define clubs and we
should eliminate geography altogether?  But then some club would have N2RM,
W3LPL, K3LR etc. together and be unbeatable -- is it fair?  

Actually, I want to thank Jim and Chas for their postings.  We need more
humor on the reflector, and they've considerably lightened up discussions. 

I'd continue, but have to get back to my draft posting on why 4U1WB, located
a couple of blocks from the White House, really is a separate DXCC country
recognized by the U.N.  But that is another story, and a different
reflector.                         -- Dave K3ZJ --0006356886 at 

>From Joe Staples <71045.2632 at CompuServe.COM>  Mon Mar 28 00:15:13 1994
From: Joe Staples <71045.2632 at CompuServe.COM> (Joe Staples)
Date: 27 Mar 94 19:15:13 EST
Subject: K5XI WPX Multi-Single
Message-ID: <940328001512_71045.2632_CHJ11-1 at CompuServe.COM>

K5XI - Multi-Single  (w/K5GA,K5GN,W5ASP,KI#L,NZ5I)

3089 Q X 933 Pfx = 6,780,111 Pts.

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