AA6TT WPX Phone Multi-Single

wmhein at aol.com wmhein at aol.com
Sun Mar 27 19:26:06 EST 1994

WPX Phone
ops: AA6TT & NL7GP
station near Durango, Colorado

2868 Qs x 866 Ms = 6,083,650 points

Propagation wasn't bad.  15m most productive band.  10m open both days to
both southern Europe and Japan, but little activity.  CT 8.49 a disaster with
WPX M/S -- computer frequently would not let us enter numbers (but we could
enter letters), had to reboot to fix.  CT would also throw a fit from
time-to-time and not let us change bands!  CT also screwed up the serial
numbering, assigning the same number twice, etc.

Bill AA6TT
wmhein at aol.com

>From Celia Tony Becker <becker at shell.portal.com>  Mon Mar 28 02:13:20 1994
From: Celia Tony Becker <becker at shell.portal.com> (Celia Tony Becker)
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 1994 18:13:20 -0800
Subject: igtony
Message-ID: <199403280213.SAA13799 at jobe.shell.portal.com>

Does anyone know how to submit one's log
to CQ by the internet?

Tony Becker - becker at shell.portal.com - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

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