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Wed Mar 30 18:32:02 EST 1994

. . .and whatcha gonna do when somebody writes the software that can decode
the incoming signals on radio #2, check the call signs against a dupe sheet/
want list and display a need list in a window on the logging screen?  (E. g.,
"RADIO #2, NP2I, 21048.6"; call would flash when he's calling CQ, "Radio #2"
would flash if it's a new mult, etc.)  With the right hardware, the system
could handle multiple channels, so 5 FT-1000's, two channels per, could all
be monitoring/spotting at once.  Single/multi-six?  (The day WILL come. . .)
My vote (from someone far, far back from the cutting edge): One op (no
matter how much more talented and progressive than I am he is), one class.
Walt, AC1O/4 (FL; if Atlantis resurfaces, our club has the best shot at it!)

>From Walton L. Stinson" <wstinson at  Thu Mar 31 01:15:36 1994
From: Walton L. Stinson" <wstinson at (Walton L. Stinson)
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 18:15:36 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Heil Pro-Set
Message-ID: <Pine.3.05.9403301834.A25347-a100000 at teal>

On Wed, 30 Mar 1994, Jay Townsend wrote:

> > 
> > If you really want to know how they are at customer support, call 'em and
> > tell them that you are having trouble driving your IC781 mic audio with
> > your heil product.  Then post the message that produces on your answering
> > machine. 
> > 
> > 73,  Eric
per bob heil,
the 781 is easily driven by any heil headset by putting a 
.01 mfd tantalum capacitor in series with the mike line. This blocks
the dc voltage normally supplied by the 781 to power icom's
condenser mike.  
73, walt, w0cp

>From Charles Fulp Jr <0006313915 at>  Thu Mar 31 01:34:00 1994
From: Charles Fulp Jr <0006313915 at> (Charles Fulp Jr)
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 20:34 EST
Subject: Single-Multi 2 cents worth (tooo long)
Message-ID: <72940331013427/0006313915PK2EM at>

Single-multi discussion
Most of K6LLs points have been adequately covered, but I cant

> cost of additional radio, amp and antenna

You can spend what you like, 2 decent setups may be more effective
than one REAL decent setup, and provide backup should something
fail...for similar total cost.

> Additional station complexity...does not contribute to
..mainstream operating, technology  or operator skills.

Emergency preparedness might use some of the multi-tasking skills,
filter technology, the ability to have 2 stations on the air that
WORK SIMULTANEOUSLY from a single location could be critical in
some emergencies, the quickly lashed together emergency station
might end up with several burnt out receivers. When the chips are
down, give me a guy with multi-tasking experience.

> Additional spectrum...

Most single op rules allow only 1 transmitted signal at a time..well
covered already.. Single op assisted more ambiguous on this.

>additional handicap to stations with limited real estate

More opportunities to be creative -my antenna farm is within a 60
foot circle.

> discouragement to middle-level.....

If you are persistent you can get lucky at some level, regardless
of station. If you don't take what you do seriously enough then you
have to be more lucky to do it well.

>More fun? I doubt it....

I find listening around, chasing spots, running stations to build
a score over  48 hours more fun and more relaxing, than the 4 hours
of working 1 radio in a Sprint.  Sprinting is my definition of

>Higher score...But as more are forced...kill it now and spare the

How do we kill it?  A 10 minute rule like in ARRL Multi-single? 
That would set the 1 station quick QSY guys back almost 20 years. 
I'll bet SOME people have used 2 or more stations in SOME fashion
from time to time over the last 40 years.  In the slow tune up
days, some guys had stations set up for quick QSY, to save tune up
time, to check out other bands.  How do we enforce the rule?
Spare receivers tend to have transmitters built in for the most
part, these days.  

I have had a lot of fun trying to stay ahead of the local crowd
with respect to automatic switching, filtering of my second station
etc.  Everything I have done has been duplicated and improved upon
within a season or two by a  fairly large group. I recall stories
of fully automated switching for single op stations up in New
England, back in the 70's.  Computer technology has made all of
this stuff more accessible to more and more of us.  

>outlawing turbines at Indy race....
The race may be as good or better than ever, has turbine technology evolved
at its optimal rate?  What beneficial developments have been lost? Might the
race be even more interesting and competitive today if turbines were in the
mix?  Guess we will never know.  
Chas  K3WW

>From Bill H Parry <bill at>  Thu Mar 31 01:54:38 1994
From: Bill H Parry <bill at> (Bill H Parry)
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 19:54:38 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Florida's Predicament
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9403301927.B23551-0100000 at>

About twenty years ago, I was on the CAC and tried to argue the point 
that the geographic limits that were currently in use were unfair to those 
poor unfortunate souls that live in the less populous areas. Clearly I 
was not successful. I certainly would not be in favor of making a special 
case of Florida as opposed to Maine, California or any other area. 
Florida is much more favorably situated for club contesting than for 
someone in Omaha, Salt Lake City, or Tucson. I still feel that NO 
geographical limits should be placed on clubs. Members should still have 
to meet the required number of meetings.

Bill, W5VX
bill at

>From Richard Hallman <0006135537 at>  Thu Mar 31 02:18:00 1994
From: Richard Hallman <0006135537 at> (Richard Hallman)
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 21:18 EST
Subject: Single-Multi...
Message-ID: <93940331021839/0006135537NA5EM at>

   Just for the record..I have made SS Phone Top Ten several times
and have never used two radios.   Although it is getting harder every
year to be in the Top Ten, without two radios.

  Im sure two rigs is more fun and someday will have to break the
line and go with two rigs.   Ive got the second amp....Now its a Rig!

  Dont play with the Single/Multi ops.......I think its great that there
are ops out there pushing the limit!!

              73   Rich    KI3V  KI3V at

>From Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207 at  Thu Mar 31 02:31:00 1994
From: Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207 at (Douglas S. Zwiebel)
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 21:31 EST
Message-ID: <12940331023121/0006489207PK1EM at>

Gee whiz Danny (7SS), you sure gave some review of VP2EXX's qrp effort!
I, for one, would NOT like to be catagorized as MOST QRPers in thinking
that his effort was bogus.  I also don't think that you are informed as
to the actual processes that took place when Steve (BJQ) entered the
results.  I, for one, was indeed contacted to ask of my opinion of that
effort.  It just so happens that I had worked VP2EXX many time PRIOR to
the contest, and that he ALWAYS asked me about qrp.  As far as I am
concerned, if he claimed to be qrp, then he was.  Why is it so much more
likely that HC8A's effort was 'REAL' as compared to EXX?  Certainly,
the conditions (SFI) are much WORSE now than back then!  I don't know 
if Steve actually followed my advise, but I suggested that he contact
VP2EXX, express the fact that COMMENTS were being made questioning the
QRP catagory, and ask he to CONFIRM that he was qrp.

Hey look, the committees are not gods, we have to go by what the guy
says!  Maybe YOU have some sort of devine insight, but I don't; and I
don't think Steve does either.

I have 318 DXCC worked with 5 watts, and 233 worked with 300 milliwatts.
I even have 52 worked with 50 milliwatts and 11 with 790 microwatts.  I
hold the existing record for the USA QRP in both the WW and the WPX 
(sadly, both on phone).  I don't think qrpers get much more serious
than I am.  I never had PROBLEM believing the VP2 score.  Yes, it was BIG,
but so what.  It was NOT bigger percentage-wise if you compared the efforts
in the qro catagories for a Carib (DX) type to the USA.

I certainly can't swear to anyone else's honesty, but I sure wouldn't
smear a guy in public without PROOF.  And please don't back up what
you THINK by including SERIOUS QRPers in your cause without knowing what
THEY think.

p.s. I happen to know that AA2U also doens't have a problem with the VP2
score...and he holds the OTHER records for contests.

And finally, here is my WPX score for '94:

487 Q's X 348 PX = 377K

I operated for 18.4 hours ( I broke my foot and sprained my ankle 3 days
earlier...ARGH!....the things looks like sausage!).

de Doug

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