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Thu Mar 31 00:56:23 EST 1994

I engineered my two radio station last summer. I don't remember anything in 
ham radio being so rewarding since I built my first transmitter as a teenager.
I'm not technical, but I sure learned a lot. And finding I could actually copy
two radios at the same time was FUN - and that is what it is all about, having
FUN. So, Dave, you are one heck of an operator, but don't knock two radios 
until you try it. 

It took me many years to get my code speed up to the low 30's, which is where
you need to be to be competitive. It took me many years to have the money to
be able to get the rigs I want. It took two years to work my way through the 

so I could put up a tower. It will be more years until I can buy and build
my antenna farm. To strive to be a top ten operator takes time, effort and 
money. If you don't have the time, money and desire, you have a handicap. Life 
isn't fair, neither is propagation. Technology will continue to change, and if
you want to be at the top, your station will have to change also. So lets not
try to legislate away the competitve edge another station has. Join 'em or be 
beaten by them, or in your case, Dave, why worry, you'll beat them anyway!


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Subject: Two CQs
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The N6TR program has a button you can press that will send a CQ on rig
one, and while you are waiting for a response, send a CQ on rig two.
It keeps alternating until you press a key indicating that you are typing
in a callsign in response to a CQ.  It switches you to the right band
and rig and lets you finish the QSO, then you can start up again.

Another feature allows you to easily call another CQ while receiving the
exchange (ie: in CW SS when you have time).

These features are with us today.

Time multiplexing in 1 ms increments does not work.  This is not one signal.
The reason is the filtering RC circuits in your rig won't turn off the
RF signal that fast.  Other than interlacing dits and dahs (which I believe
to be impossible unless you call is N5SS), there isn't any way to multiplex
rigs other than the methods described above.

I believe that the "dualing CQ" feature does use up more spectrum.  If 
your CQs are short enough, it just sounds like you are taking a hard listen
before CQing again.  Neither frequency can be used by someone else for the
contest (or other purposes).  Sending a CQ while receiving the exchange
will scare any new comers off.

I think N2IC's first category is fine.  The second that uses the techniques
above is less than fine, but I don't know how you can draw the line.

Tree N6TR

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