S/M: Bottom Line

km9p at aol.com km9p at aol.com
Thu Mar 31 09:09:52 EST 1994

Bottom Line on S/M:

Those against:

Ops that either can't effectively operate 2 radios at once or ops that don't
want to invest the time to learn what it takes to do it effectively.

Those for:  

Ops that are willing to invest the time and energy in learning a new
operating technique in order to improve themselves as an operator..

I operate 2 radios at once every night I get on the air.  Now after 5 years
of HARD work I can tell you with confidence that I can operate 2 radios
effectively.  The only time I am listening to only one radio in a contest now
is when I am trying to dig out a weak one.  40 of 48 hours is spent listening
to 2 radios and letting my mind filter out which one to listen to....  It
takes more energy and alot more concentration but it definately helps the
score if you can gut it out!

If you want contests to be easy then operate the state QSO parties.  You
don't need 2 radios to make the top ten in the _______ QSO Party.  


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