single-multi ethics

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Thu Mar 31 09:41:22 EST 1994

K6LL's most important point is being missed. Let me try to rephrase:

Is it ethical to send a CQ that:

(1) you have no intention to listen to answers to?


(2) is designed SOLELY to keep some other CQ'er from stealing your 

That concept in N6TR's artical caught my attention as well because 
I would have never considered it. 

I've been trying to do single multi since K3LR's NCJ artical 4 or 5 years
ago described putting separate radio's into each headphone--that didn't
work for me at all and I decided he was trying to sabatoge the competition.
However, a latching mechanism that lets me listen on the second radio
while the first is key-down works better. 

But I personally will NOT push the transmit button on the #1 radio
while I have a QSO as yet not QSL'd on the #2 radio. If you find my
CQ frequency during the 20 - 30 seconds it takes me to complete the
SS exchange, you got it. And personal experience is that I loose
my CQ frequency in SS about 1/3 of the times I attempt a #2 radio 

Wayne, W5XD

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