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Sat May 14 10:49:20 EDT 1994

A few Items:


Did anyone have a chance to pick up a copy of the Northern

Ohio DX group at Dayton?  If you did, I'd like to hear what

you have to say about the article THE DUMBING OF AMATEUR

RADIO.  I can't believe this was even published.  Are we

trying to impress our neighbors?  Isn't contesting and dxing

suppose to be a challenge to us?  We can communicate to

just about anyplace in the world via internet right now.

Anyone who has gotten on the converse knows how easy it is to

talk anywhere and how un-challenging that is.  DX and Contesting

are challenges.  Challenges against the opposition,

propagation, and against yourself.  I'd like to hear from

anyone who read this article and see if I read something




Contesting has been BETTER THAN EVER lately.  I worked a

couple thousand contacts for about 1.6m points and the

pile-ups were fantastic!  If you haven't checked out PED411i

yet or SOLAR MAX, you're missing some good contesting!

PED is one super program.  I have a Thunderboard by

MediaVison.  Once I found out that the PAS (Pro Audio

Systems) switch worked for my board, the pile-ups began!  I

wonder what the VOICE PED is going to sound like!

SOLAR MAX is real interesting too.  I have really surprized

myself a few times cking where I thought the band should be

open (going by DXedge) and finding myself with 0 contacts

for the 1/2 hour.  I suggest you run SOLAR MAX with the

printer ON.  The summary at the end is very interesting to

compare.  One note on SOLAR MAX, <<<< MAKE SURE YOU HIT THE

RIGHT KEYS! >>>>>>.  The one thing that the program is

lacking is a    ARE YOU SURE?   when you hit a wrong key.

As soon as you hit a key other than the RIGHT one, you're

out of the contest and you have to start over!


73 de KI8W


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