Canadian HQ Stn - IARU HF Champ.

Wed May 18 05:05:58 EDT 1994

Would you like to take part in the IARU HF Championship as the HQ station of
the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)?  Read on!

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) sponsors an annual contest, the
IARU HF Championship.  This year's event runs from 1200z Saturday 9 July to
1200z 10 July.  The rules allow the Headquarters stations of member societies
to take part in a separate category.  You don't have to be at the actual HQ 
to be a HQ station, and the rules allow as many as six HQ stations to operate
from each country.  In this contest, HQ stations count as separate 
multipliers, distinct from ITU Zones.  You will undoubtedly be popular if 
you operate as the RAC HQ station.  

If you are interested in operating the contest as the RAC HQ station, whether 
as a single op, or as a multi-op, please contact me, and I'll set it up
for you.  You will be using one of RAC's freshly-issued R-A-C-sufixed 
callsigns (ie, VO1RAC, VE1RAC, VA2RAC, VA3RAC, VE4RAC....) as appropriate 
for your call area, and get a write-up for your efforts in TCA.

This should have been announced in June TCA, but I must confess that I 
slipped up and neglected to get the info to the editor in time.  A similar 
anouncement will appear in a forthcoming edition of the RAC News Service 
packet bulletin.

If you would like to be RAC HQ for a day, please contact me by any of the 
following means:
By Mail at: Dave Goodwin 
            15 Oval
            Aylmer QC  J9H 1T9


By InterNet: ve2zp at BBS.VE3JF.AMPR.ORG

Take a look at the cover story in October 1993 TCA to see what last year's
group did.

73, Dave Goodwin VE2ZP/VE9CB
    RAC HF Contest Manager

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