N connectors

Robert Neece al511 at Freenet.HSC.Colorado.EDU
Wed May 18 15:55:01 EDT 1994

Bob, KG7D, writes:

>Amateurs would be reluctant to pay $5.00
>more for a radio that has "N type" connectors even though they are better in
>virtually all areas for amateur use. 

There is no question that N connectors are better
than the UHF series (PL-259; SO-239) from the standpoint
of impedance continuity.

But, what about current-carrying capacity and voltage
breakdown?  Start by comparing the current-carrying
elements of an N male with the comparable elements of a
tiny BNC male.  Some of you will be in for quite a

Look at the size of the current-carrying
elements of a PL-259.  Then, ask yourself how important
at HF (as opposed to VHF-UHF for which the N series is
designed) the superior impedance-continuity of N
connectors really is.  

Next, consider the common assertion that N connectors have superior
weather resistance.  I have found the rubber gaskets in
N connectors to suffer badly in the outdoors, and from mere aging.  
I believe both the N series and the UHF series to be in need of 
similar weather-protection procedures.

Finally, compare the relative difficulty of doing
a first-class job of attaching the connectors to cable.

Reach your own conclusions about the "superiority" of the
N series for general HF ham use.

73 de Bob, K0KR

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