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Wed May 18 18:49:41 EDT 1994

Comment- The rule is a 15 minute rule in FD, not ten--and it doesn't
apply above 30 MHz.  Comment on the original - With all the classes
available in FD, can't see how these other TX are a problem.  Why not
enter 1B if you want to use 1 or 2 ops?  "Category" A is for "Club
groups (or non-club groups with three or more licensed amateurs)"
according to the rules in May QST. While 3 would be mighty busy,
they could staff an HF, VHF (single  multi style on many bands), and
have a third utility guy to cover packet, satellite, and the other
bonus categories).  And its only 24 hours!  Sure they would havea
tough time against 8 excellent ops, but a multi-multi in the DX
test with only 3 ops would be challenged, too!
But the main point is that the packet, satellite, and VHF offer
a chance for training of future contest ops, and a chance for
folks to work some modes they may rarely have a shot at.  My vote,
keep the special transmitters!- Rol K3RA (K3EF in FD) AB88 at CATCC

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  > In general, I think it is time for ARRL to
  > abandon the present free-transmitters in FD.
  > ...This leaves the question of how to use the
  > current "one transmitter on the air" in the
  > wisest possible fashion as a strategy
  > decision for each FD teams.

Unfortunately, with the 10 minute rule on band changes, the strategy would
effectively be to abandon all packet radio efforts.  While we don't make a
ton of packet QSOs, it does give some of the contest-disadvantaged in our
group a way to get involved in scoring points during the contest.  Guess now
I'll have to get out of my chair and let them S & P on phone for a while :-0

73 Scott KA9FOX
(W9UP field day)

ka9fox at aol.com

>From DFREY" <HARRIS.DFREY at IC1D.HARRIS.COM  Fri May 27 15:11:09 1994
Date: 27 May 1994 09:11:09 EST
Subject: CT Users BBS ??
Message-ID: <QCY2.DFREY.1223.1994 0527 0911 0911>

     >NATIVE NAME    : ct-user-request at mlo.dec.com

     The FAQ on CQ-Contest lists a CT users reflector. My several
     attempts to SUBSCRIBE have met with the above result.
     Is it real or vapor?

     Dick Frey, P.E.    -  K4XU   |  Harris Corp - Broadcast Equip
     harris.dfrey at ic1d.harris.com |  Quincy, Illinois  62301
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>From stevem at w8hd.org (Steve Maki)  Fri May 27 14:25:47 1994
From: stevem at w8hd.org (Steve Maki) (Steve Maki)
Date: Fri, 27 May 94 09:25:47 EDT
Subject: TIC rotor indicator accuracy?
Message-ID: <9405271325.AA01634 at w8hd.org>

>Hi all - I was talking with a local who told me he is very unhappy with 
>the indicator on his TIC ring rotor. He sez the preset knob is fine, but 
>meter needle flies all around. Anyone else experience this? If so, any 
>fixes? 73 Barry
>Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Usenet/Internet: barry at w2up.wells.com
>Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
>                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >K2TW (FRC)
Mine so far has not exhibited this, although I will say the Tic Ring does
not have a very accurate pointing system. Its other qualities more than make
up for that in my opinion.

Sounds like your friend has an intermittent indicator pot. The motor is
easily removed for repair.

Steve Maki K8LX
stevem at w8hd.org

>From J.P. Kleinhaus" <kleinhaj at iia.org  Fri May 27 15:59:58 1994
From: J.P. Kleinhaus" <kleinhaj at iia.org (J.P. Kleinhaus)
Date: Fri, 27 May 1994 10:59:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Field Day
Message-ID: <199405271459.AA18546 at iia.org>

Leave it alone...it's not broken, it's fun, it provides exposure for
new hams and old to many aspects of the hobby at once. How can this be a
bad thing?

73, J.P. AA2DU
kleinhaj at iia.org (for the mail-impaired)

>From Stankiewicz, Warren" <wstankiewi at arrl.org  Fri May 27 20:09:00 1994
From: Stankiewicz, Warren" <wstankiewi at arrl.org (Stankiewicz, Warren)
Date: Fri, 27 May 94 15:09:00 EDT
Subject: FW: RUDXC dates
Message-ID: <2DE64573 at arrl.org>

This information just in, folks--hope you all can get on and have a good 
time that weekend.

Warren, NF1J (wstankiewi at arrl.org)
From: Radio Magazine
To: wstankiewi
Subject: RUDXC dates
Date: Friday, May 27, 1994 9:54PM

Dear Warren,

To "divorce" with IOTA we moved RUDXC to start on Friday (July,
29) at 21 UTC and shortened it to 12 hours to end at 9 UTC on
Saturday (July, 30). Of course it not the best solution but...
Those who want to operate both contests will have some 3 hours
to rest. This is final decision of the SRR coordinated with

Boris, RU3AX

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