FT-1000 audio (lack thereof)

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     With earphones(*) plugged in and the gain control turned up,
the loudest thing in my FT-1000 is the whirring of the cooling fan. 
(*) Yaesu YH-77ST earphones, for the record. . . 
   :-) de Walt, AC1O/4    "ac1o at delphi.com"    "Multipliers Are" 

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Date: Wed, 18 May 94 15:07:00 MST
Subject: Ground Window
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A ground window is usually a highly conductive (copper) metal plate which
is intimately connected to ground (earth terminal for the facility) by a
very low impedance strap.  ALL wires coming into the facility from outside
the facility are routed through this plate via whatever type lightning
protector is appropriate for the wire.  For example, gas tubes for coax,
MOV blocks for TELCO, control lines, and Power, etc.  This plate is used on
the inside of the facility as a single point ground for all electronic
equipment to assure zero potential difference between pieces of equipment
during a lightning fault.  You can make your own plate or they are
available ready made with all the stainless hardware you need to install
them from lightning protection companies like Polyphaser (and probably
others).  That is about as simply as I can describe it.

73,  Eric

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