Domestic QSLs through bureau

Thu May 19 11:21:31 EDT 1994

RE:Peter KB2NMV's comment-
"if he's a W2 I have to send the card directly to North Jersey DX Assoc,
which is not bad since I send correspondance to them all the time. If
he's from another call district it can be a hassle."

If I recall their recent statement on this practice in the NJDX newsletter,
they said they would ONLY do this for DXpeditions.  Since they (the
actual volenteers who do the sorting) expect to have a life of their
own, they would NOT do it for QSLs between various US call districts.
Since my NJDX newsletter is even slower than my NCJ, perhaps the new
newsletter may say something different.  But I doubt it, perhaps Peter
is getting special treatment and doesn't realize it.

There are groups - such as FISTS CW - which QSL between members.  Why not
just QSL direct if you need the card, and let those ARRL volunteers put
more of their time into doing something more important - like working

73, alan N2ALE/6

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