Bulletproof Phones

Thu May 26 10:01:44 EDT 1994

From:   Mark Beckwith, WA6OTU - wa6otu at caltech.edu
To:     CAC Reflector
Date:   May 26, 1994

Steve, KO0U points out:

"...the FCC found ALL telephone interference complaints that they checked 
to be curable by the use of what the FCC termed "BULLETPROOF" phones."

There is a detailed write up of this in May 1994 QST, page 90.

He also says:

"...our personal input as engineers/hams is either disregarded, or we are told 
it is "economically unfeasible" to either design the dang thang right from the 
start, or incorporate later fixes."


One thing is for sure.  If we all owned one of these "bulletproof" phones,
it would be a lot easier to convince the neighbors it WASN'T our RF.  Has 
anyone seen the list of what are "bulletproof" phones?  My curiosity is
piqued.  I'm going to write for the survey and find out.  If nobody posts
it sooner, I'll share the list when I get it.  73,

--Mark, WA6OTU

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