KWIDELITZ at delphi.com KWIDELITZ at delphi.com
Mon May 30 18:07:23 EDT 1994

                  CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST -- 1994

      Call: AB6FO                    Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator Low Power
                                                               100 Watts

      160        2        4   2.0        1
       80       13       34   2.6        4
       40      314     1256   4.0      122
       20      486      673   1.4      301
       15       97      121   1.2       43

     Totals    927     2127   2.3      478  =   1,016,706

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.
     OFFTIMES       OFF      ON       TIME
[H                   0822     0945      1:23
                   12:05    15:30     3:25
                   16:27    17:28     1:01
                   22:52    23:53     1:01
                   10:12    14:22     4:10
                   17:55    18:56     1:01
TOTAL OFF TIME                       12:01

Equipment Description:
TS-950SD (turned down to 100 Watts)
TS-950SDX (turned down to 100 Watts)
Mosley PRO-96 at 80'
Mosley TS-33 at 36'
K9INN Sloper, 40 Meters through 160 Meters, from 70'
Inverted V, 80 Meters, from 70'
CT Ver 9.02

Club Affiliation: Southern California Contest Club

It was the best of times,

  - 0800 Sun 40 Meter JA run @50/hr,
     the WPXers dream at 6 points per QSO and JA Mults as a bonus,
  - hitting 1,000,000 with less than an hour to go,
  - using CT Version 9's band map, elegant in its simplicity,
     and the new customizable display of CTs windows and colors

it was the worst of times.

  - 2000-2100 Sun @ * 1 *  /hr, and not for lack of furiously
     CQing and S&Ping with 2 radios, and then more furiously
     S&Ping  with  2 radios, desperately trying to avoid the
     dreaded ONE in 60 minutes, and failing.


>From Alan Kaul <kaul at netcom.com>  Mon May 30 23:21:33 1994
From: Alan Kaul <kaul at netcom.com> (Alan Kaul)
Date: Mon, 30 May 1994 15:21:33 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Internet ADR to send in WPX entry?
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9405301532.A2394-0100000 at netcom8>

I know that ARRL accepts INTERNET entries in various ARRL Contests, or 
digital entries via ARRL BBS, But does anyone know if CQ Magazine accepts 
digital/Internet submissions for the contests it sponsors -- including 
the just completed CW WPX?  Pls and tnx.  73 de Alan

	             [<Alan Kaul, W6RCL>] kaul at netcom.com

>From robert penneys <penneys at freezer.cns.udel.edu>  Mon May 30 23:35:32 1994
From: robert penneys <penneys at freezer.cns.udel.edu> (robert penneys)
Date: Mon, 30 May 94 18:35:32 EDT
Subject: WPX scores via Internet??
Message-ID: <9405302235.AA22883 at freezer.cns.udel.edu>

Can WPX scores be sent in via Internet? If so, to whom, and in what format?
Tnx Bob

Bob Penneys, WN3K   Frankford Radio Club  Internet: penneys at pecan.cns.udel.edu
Work: Ham Radio Outlet (Delaware) (800) 644-4476;  fax (302) 322-8808
Mail at home:  12 East Mill Station Drive   Newark, DE 19711  USA

>From Barry Martz <ki8w at freenet.Grfn.ORG>  Tue May 31 00:55:08 1994
From: Barry Martz <ki8w at freenet.Grfn.ORG> (Barry Martz)
Date: Mon, 30 May 1994 19:55:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Tower Paint
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9405301928.A2824-0100000 at freenet.grfn.org>

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what kind of
paint I should use on a Rohn 25 tower.  Would Rustoleum work
or is there a special paint I should think about getting?

Thanks de KI8W at freenet.grfn.org

>From H. L. Serra" <hlserra at teetot.acusd.edu  Tue May 31 00:59:33 1994
From: H. L. Serra" <hlserra at teetot.acusd.edu (H. L. Serra)
Date: Mon, 30 May 1994 16:59:33 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: 6E2T '94 CQ WPX CW Score
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9405301633.C1859-a100000 at teetot.acusd.edu>


At least there was no rain this time-- but came close. Heavy marine layer
in all three days on Baja Pacific coast, with occasional sunshine. Best
hourly rate was 70, best 10 minute rate about 130. Bands in and out, back
and forth between 40 and 20, with a few 15M Qs, and a few on 80M during wee
hours. Bands suspiciously quiet around the time of the end of the Indy
500. Best line from NS2E (a newly returned ham/contester) when S&P-ing for
MULTs: "No, I can't answer him, he's calling CQ DX-- Wait, we ARE DX!"
(Sort of) 
Thanks for all the Qs. 73, Larry N6AZE


BAND	Qs	Pfxs

160	0	0
80	65	6
40	775	210
20	633	234
15	55	10
10	3	2

TOTALS:	1532	462	2.48M Pts


>From Doug Brandon <dab at kaiwan.com>  Tue May 31 01:58:46 1994
From: Doug Brandon <dab at kaiwan.com> (Doug Brandon)
Date: Mon, 30 May 1994 17:58:46 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Similar Calls
Message-ID: <199405310058.RAA08716 at kaiwan.kaiwan.com>

Conditions sounded pretty crummy when I was on for the few hours I operated.
The funny thing is that out of the 100 or so QSOs I made, I had to convince
half of the guys that I was not NF6S and hadnt worked them before!

  73 de Doug  
			H      H
                        H      H
                N F 6   HHHHHHHH
                        H      H
                        H      H

  Doug Brandon          Placentia, California         dab at kaiwan.com

>From Steve Merchant <merchant at crl.com>  Tue May 31 03:10:17 1994
From: Steve Merchant <merchant at crl.com> (Steve Merchant)
Date: Mon, 30 May 1994 19:10:17 -0700
Subject: WPX CW Results - AG6D M/S
Message-ID: <199405310210.AA11440 at crl.crl.com>

                       CQ WORLD WIDE WPX CONTEST  1994

      Call: AG6D                     Country:  United States (66)
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Single


      160        0        0   0.0        0
       80      152      838   5.5       21
       40      514     2200   4.3      120
       20      870     1432   1.6      426
       15      107      139   1.3       46
       10        4       12   3.0        4

     Totals   1647     4621   2.8      617  =   2,851,157

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Operator List: AG6D, N4TQO, K2MM, N6YK/7, N6IP

Equipment Description: TS-930S (2), Henry, Dentron, Alpha amps
                       66' Vertical 160m; 80M2 @ 120'; 40M4 @ 130'; 20M5 @ 90';
                       KT34XA @ 70'; 40CD-2 @ 65'; KT34XA @ 56'; A4S @ 35'
                       386-40, 386-33, DOS 6.2, CT v8.45

Club Affiliation: Northern Calif. Contest Club

Soapbox:  We were extremely pleased to have a decent European opening on 20m
on Friday night, and very nice JA runs on 40 and 80 on Saturday night/Sunday
morning, which we hadn't expected.  There was also more 15m activity than we
had hoped for.  N6IP established a new NCCC record for "Most Amplifiers Smoked"
having knocked out two amps within 3 Q's of each other.  Thanks to all for 
lots of fun, exceptionally well behaved operating, and another great WPX
Contest.  (One of these days we'll simply _have_ to get serious about 160m.)

73, Steve  N4TQO
merchant at crl.com

>From Celia Tony Becker <becker at shell.portal.com>  Tue May 31 07:36:55 1994
From: Celia Tony Becker <becker at shell.portal.com> (Celia Tony Becker)
Date: Mon, 30 May 1994 23:36:55 -0700
Subject: Submit CQ WPX CW logs by Internet
Message-ID: <199405310636.XAA04094 at jobe.shell.portal.com>

A few months ago, the following item was on this reflector...
--------------------- begin included message ----------------------
Starting with the 1994 contests, CQ WPX logs can be submitted via e-mail 
on the internet. 

The e-mail address is:          sdb at ag9v.ampr.org.  

Logs must be in ASCII format with all of the required information. The log 
should be unformatted and space delimited.  For those using "CT", 
WRITEARRL or AK1AFORMAT will produce a file that is acceptable.  Other 
popular logging programs should produce unformatted ASCII files in a 
similar format. A summary sheet and a sorted prefix list are also 
required.  Please include a phone or fax number where you can be reached.  
If electronic submission is well received, it will be continued in the 
future.  This address is for CQ WPX Logs only.


>From Dermatology AZN Nijmegen NL <DERMA_BCH at AZNVX1.AZN.NL>  Tue May 31 08:40:00 1994
From: Dermatology AZN Nijmegen NL <DERMA_BCH at AZNVX1.AZN.NL> (Dermatology AZN Nijmegen NL)
Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 08:40:00 +0100 (MET)
Subject: WPX CW results PA3DUA
Message-ID: <01HCZDS3QQ0I0000V6 at AZNVX1.AZN.NL>

Done several of the big contests in groups for the past years, but decided
to give it a shot this time in the WPX....but where did there wonderful
conditions go??? Anyway, I had a very enjoyable weekend. Thanks to the few
who *did* manage to contact me despite of these lousy conditions!

Results PA3DUA, single operator, CW, Medium power (avarage. 600 W)

160         8         14           1
 80        31         60          13
 40       165        462          96
 20       368        578         188
 15        60         86          28
 10         5          4           2
Totals    637       1204         328  =  394,912


Yaesu FT901, Ameritron AL80A (single 3-500Z)
Antenna's: 2 el. triband yagi @ 12 mtrs, HF2V vertical (40, 80, 160)

I hope to spend more hours in next years' contest. Doing so will definitely
be more easy if the condx. are better next year!!

73 de Henri, PA3DUA

>From clay torsten <rtclay at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu>  Tue May 31 14:41:55 1994
From: clay torsten <rtclay at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu> (clay torsten)
Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 08:41:55 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: WPX CW, N4OGW 40m Single Band
Message-ID: <Pine.3.05.9405310855.A225-9100000 at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu>

N4OGW(/9) WPX CW, 40m Single Band

Qso's: 415
Prefix: 289
Score: 261,834  (yep, on 40m from W9 most qso's are zero points)

C-line/SB-1000 (700w)/dipole @ 65'

Contest was going well until the R-4C died at 0230z on Saturday night. I didn't
hear about the flare until after the contest...thought condx to Europe were
better Saturday night from here.

R. Torsten Clay, N4OGW/9   n4ogw at uiuc.edu  

>From lvn at fox.gsfc.nasa.gov (Larry Novak)  Tue May 31 16:08:48 1994
From: lvn at fox.gsfc.nasa.gov (Larry Novak) (Larry Novak)
Date: Tue, 31 May 94 11:08:48 EDT
Subject: K3TLX WPX Low Power Score
Message-ID: <9405311508.AA01866 at fox.gsfc.nasa.gov>

Call: K3TLX
Category:  Single Op, Unassisted, All-Band, Low Power

Breakdown:    80  -  50
			  40  - 186
			  20  - 178
			  15  -  56
			  10  -  13

    TOTAL:  483 x 326 = 414,670

Glad to see something on 10. Sorry to see 15 so bad and did a lot of
cleaning up in the basement Sunday - can't imagine worse conditions. 
Thanks all and 73, Larry

>From bhorn at netcom.com (Bruce Horn)  Tue May 31 16:27:59 1994
From: bhorn at netcom.com (Bruce Horn) (Bruce Horn)
Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 08:27:59 -0700
Subject: WPX Results..Arggghhh
Message-ID: <199405311527.IAA05679 at netcom.com>

CQ Worldwide WPX Contest - 1994

Call: WA7BNM   (S.Calif)
Mode: CW               Category: Single Op, Low Power, Single Band 15m

Band       QSO      QSO Pts   Pts/Q   Prefixes
 15        169       157       0.9      144        =  22,608

What a difference a couple of months makes! I thought my pathetic
CW skills would limit my scoring, but decided to try a serious effort
in the CW version of WPX for the first time. Remind me to wait until
the sunspot cycle improves before trying a 15m single band effort in
this contest again. Using the same antennas, rig, etc. managed only
3 percent of my SSB score in this contest. 9 Qs per hour for
19 hours. 2 JAs worked (all I heard).

The only good news was that African stations had strong signals on
the West Coast Saturday morning, with S9, 3DA and TR being nice finds.
Also heard 9A1A and a LZ calling CQ at about 1900Z Saturday, but very
light copy. However, contest soon turned into a domestic contest with
a fair number of prefixes, but no QSO points.

Now I know why there were only 3 entries in the 15m single op (high
and low power) last year.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn at netcom.com)

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