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Jeff Tucker N9HZQ tucker at eedsp.gatech.EDU
Wed Nov 2 10:10:23 EST 1994

With Sweepstakes CW coming up, it's time for another update of
the "signups" for the 1st North American Collegiate Championship.
So far, we have 32 schools who have indicated that they're
interested in participating in this contest, which is run within
the CW and SSB portions of the ARRL Sweepstakes.  We have several
in-state rivalries set up, with multiple schools in California,
Pennsylvania, Texas, and two campuses of the University of
Wisconsin set to duke it out.

For more information or to register your school, please contact
me.  Registration is not required, but we're doing it so we can
keep track of each other during the contest.  Here's the schools
signed up so far:

W4AQL  -- Georgia Institute of Technology
WB5FND -- University of Houston
WA3GAY -- University of Delaware
W6BB   -- UC Berkeley
W1YK   -- Worcester Polytechnic Institute
W5YM   -- University of Arkansas
W9YT   -- University of Wisconsin, Madison
W5EHM  -- University of Texas
W0ZLN  -- University of Missouri
??     -- University of South Florida
W2CXM  -- Cornell University
K4RY   -- Auburn University
W1AF   -- Harvard University
N5VHO  -- Baylor University
WO0H   -- Carleton College (possibly using N2PGD)
K1AD   -- Brown University
W1YU   -- Yale University
W6BAB  -- Pasadena City College
W9YH   -- University of Illinois
K4KDJ  -- Virginia Tech
N3PFF  -- Bloomsburg University
N3KZ   -- University of Pennsylvania
K3CR   -- Penn State (in-state rivalry!)
WB6KGN -- University of California, Irvine
WO9S   -- University of Chicago
VE4UM  -- University of Manitoba
KP4VA  -- University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
W3EAX  -- University of Maryland
W5GB   -- New Mexico State University
W1ET   -- Dartmouth College
W5AC   -- Texas A&M University
WB9JBF -- University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

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