LAPORTEJ at wl.aecl.ca LAPORTEJ at wl.aecl.ca
Wed Nov 2 09:21:56 EST 1994

This may be obvious but as a new kid on the block after 20 yrs away
hope someone will help.
During CQWW last weekend I worked XA5T Zone 6. Obviously Mexico or
possession. Whats with the 5. I thought all main land Mexico was
1 to 3. 6D XF or whatever 1 to 3.
John VE4ZP (laportej at wl.aecl.ca)
PS. My apologys for requesting QSL info on the Reflector.As a new reader
I wasn't aware this was verbotten. Appreciate the lack of fire, and
replys. Won't do it again.

>From jholly at hposl42.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback)  Wed Nov  2 16:17:26 1994
From: jholly at hposl42.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback) (Jim Hollenback)
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