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Wed Nov 2 11:50:00 EST 1994

AA4NC wrote:
>Operators: WA6DGX (80%) , AA4NC
>35 hours of operation
     Darn that K1EA.  Thanks to the "Hours On" summary Will was able to 
     figure out that I only pretended to operate for 13 hours (see excuse 
     #8)    Actually, is that "feature" of CT some sadistic prank on Ken's 
     part?  You bang your head aginst lousy bands, trying to eek out a few 
     mults, and CT credits you with "Off Time"
Top Ten Excuses why our score sucks:
10. Multi single done the old fashioned way - 1 station and 2 operators  - 
Hallicrafters rules!!
        Will, please get the BFO fixed - it drifts.  Every time I tried to CQ on 
        14150 it sounded like there was a mosquito there
9. I spent most of Saturday playing guitar rather than radio
        Of course, on Saturday the europeans were more likely to hear the   
      guitar than the Hallicrafters
8. CQWW conflicted with "Baywatch Best of the babes" marathon       on 
        As a matter of fact, I can operate and watch Baywatch at the same   
      time.  The real problem is the TVI.  Fix that and we'll get the full  
      48 hours in next contest.
7. 40m beam broken
        Sorry about that - I won't yell so loud next time  (see also #6)
6. Big "GAS" SB200 amp at the repair shop at Heathkit
        No problem, I just talked louder
5. Demons possessed voice keyer and caused it to take lists on 20 
        Come on, a lot of guys would never get to work an OH if it weren't  
       for DX nets.
4. All those knobs and switches!!!
        So that's what those thingys are!
3. Could never figure out how many minutes in 10 minute rule... 
        Seven.  Definitely seven.
2. Someone had switched regular coffee with Folger's instant
     For a free dinner, it's well worth it.
1. One should never contest when the A index is higher than his IQ!
     Hmmmm, happens to me all the time.

>From pduff at wizards.austin.ibm.com (Phill Duff)  Wed Nov  2 16:56:03 1994
From: pduff at wizards.austin.ibm.com (Phill Duff) (Phill Duff)
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 94 10:56:03 -0600
Subject: Side-mounts
Message-ID: <9411021656.AA13184 at wizards.austin.ibm.com>

Is "IIX" the only manufacturer of "swinging-gate" style side-arm
mounts for towers that is still in business??

 de Phil NA4M  

Phil Duff  NA4M (512) 838-3579                        
IBM AIX/6000  Austin, Texas            Internet: pduff at wizards.austin.ibm.com

>From Doug Grant <0006008716 at mcimail.com>  Wed Nov  2 17:01:00 1994
From: Doug Grant <0006008716 at mcimail.com> (Doug Grant)
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 94 12:01 EST
Subject: VP2E CQWW SSB
Message-ID: <41941102170114/0006008716NA4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Gee...just got back and can't understand everyone's complaints about
conditions - they seemed fine from Anguilla!

Actually, the lousy Northern Latitude propagation gave us both great
W and EU runs on both 15 and 10. Guess we were the only game in town.

As mentioned before the contest, this was a laid-back vacation operation, 
with just two guys, and one radio. No real priority given to multipliers.
It's amazing what a tribander at 60 feet and some wires can do from down
there with conditions like these. Being down there sure beat being home here
in NH this time! Kinda crowded on the island, with VP2EC (N5AU, opr) mono-80
and VP2EJ running all-band low power a mile or so away. Didn't seem to hurt
much, though.

Some high points...

75 Qs in 15 minutes on the first trip to 160 Friday night 06Z.

379 hour Saturday, 18-19Z 10 M running Ws (first Q was KY1H, who put us out
on packet). Could have been more, but found myself CQing again at 1830!

Got the CT "Last 10 Q" meter to 900 during that hour!

325 hour Sat morning running mostly EU with a few W dribbling in

1800 EU, 900 Ws on 15M ! Never heard a pileup of Europeans that big before,
in numerous trips South. Absolutely amazing.

      Call: VP2E                     Country:  Anguilla
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single


      160      170      345     2.03     11      25
       80      549     1172     2.13     18      54
       40     1008     2292     2.27     25      85
       20     2128     4712     2.21     28      94
       15     2770     7347     2.65     26     113
       10     1909     4683     2.45     22      85

     Totals   8534    20551     2.41    130     456  =>  12,042,886

Operators: K1DG, KA1XN
Equipment: TS-930, Alpha 76, laptop, TA33, wires

Club Affiliation: YCCC


Doug  K1DG
k1dg at mcimail.com

p.s. Don't send cards to the non-existent VP2E bureau! QSL via WZ1R. Direct
cards will get direct answers, all else will bulked via bureau. Spread the

>From Doug Grant <0006008716 at mcimail.com>  Wed Nov  2 17:03:00 1994
From: Doug Grant <0006008716 at mcimail.com> (Doug Grant)
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 94 12:03 EST
Subject: Scores from down South
Message-ID: <70941102170307/0006008716NA4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Scores from down South...

HC8A	m/s	8792-152-574=18.6M
V31DX	m/s	7600-?-?=8M
J6DX	m/m	15000-?-?
PJ8Z	m/s	6023-113-414=7.4M
VP2E	m/s	8534-130-456=12.0M
NP4Z	solp	4316-111-393=5.1M
P40W	soab	6452-132-471=11.4M part time (W2GD, op)
P40E	soab	8200-138-505=15.5M (CT1BOH, op)
KP2A	20M	4824-38-156=2.279M (KW8N, op)


Doug  K1DG

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