Collegiate Championship Rules

Robert Barron barron at
Thu Nov 3 09:49:57 EST 1994

Just to refresh everyone's memory here are the rules for the
upcoming Collegiate Radio Club Championship.  The first leg
takes place this weekend during CW Sweepstakes.

Good luck and don't forget to work W5EHM!


Inaugural North American Collegiate Amateur Radio Club Championship

1. Object: For college and university stations in all ARRL and RAC sections
to participate in the ARRL November Sweepstakes and compete against other
college and university radio clubs.

2. Contest Rules: CW portion takes place on first full weekend of November
(Nov 5-7),  phone portion takes place on third full weekend of November
(Nov 19-21).  Both start on Saturday 2100 UTC and end on Monday 0300 UTC.
All rules,  as stated in the October issue of QST,  pertain to this
collegiate competition.

3. Station Location: In an effort to encourage club station improvements
all contacts must be made from the established club radio station
located on a college campus.  No "portable" operation from a nearby
contest "super station".  A club may operate from a member's station provided
that a club station on campus does not exist.

4. Results:  Separate champions will be determined for CW, phone and combined
scores.  Official results will be based on those published in QST so all
participants are required to submit a valid log to the ARRL.  Participants
must also submit a score summary (the contest summary sheet, NOT a complete
log!) to the collegiate contest moderator.  Provisional scores and winners
will be posted on the ham-univ and cq-contest mail reflectors by the moderator.
Send results to:

    Internet:   barron at
    Mail:       Robert Barron
                P.O. Box 180703
                Austin, TX 78718

5. Combined Score:  Winners in the combined category will be based on a
points system like that used in the NA QSO Party.  In order to be eligible
for the combined title a valid phone AND CW score must be submitted.  Points
are awarded by taking the phone and CW score and dividing by the highest score
submitted by a college station (for that mode) then multiplying by 1000.
The phone and CW points are then added for total points.

6. Awards:  To be determined.  The ARRL has been asked to provide official
SS certificates to the top ten finishers.

This means:
1. Not limited to multi-op single transmitter if multiple ops not available.
2. Not limited to US stations only (though still North America only).
3. All club members allowed to participate (not just students).
4. Club station rule waived when no club station exists.
5. Stations must operate BOTH phone and CW to participate in the combined

Jeff Tucker (N9HZQ) is keeping a list of college clubs that are planning
on participating in this year's Collegiate Championship.  To add your club
to the list send Email (with your club's name and callsign) to:
    tucker at



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