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Sean E. Kutzko tigger at
Thu Nov 3 20:27:49 EST 1994

Okay, I'll admit it. I was going to post the "Hey, look for me" message on 
here, but decided not to.

Until I saw the blasting QRP operations got.

I WILL be in SS this year... 100w for CW, QRP for SSB.

Why go QRP? I like to CHALLENGE myself, see what I can work with a measley
5 watts now and then. I'm hardly a QRP purist (this is about the only time
I work QRP), but it takes a HELL of a lot more finesse and skill to get all
the sections that way. A not-overly-bright chimpanzee can work all the sections
AND get 1200-plus QSO's with monobanders and a KW.

I would be surprised if you DIDN'T get that performance out of a station like
that, even with a half-assed effort AND a TV in the shack. don't like weak stations taking up your time? Then tell them to 
**** off, 'cause you're SERIOUS about contesting, right?


Nobody is twisting your arm to hang in there with the guy if he's too weak.
If ya can't hear him, and you hang in there for five minutes to get the call,
that's YOUR problem. Don't get pissed at the other guy 'cause you didn't use 
your time efficiently.

If your biggest worry is whether or not your Last 100 QSO's rate drops below
200, get a life.

73, and everybody have FUN, no matter what power you're running.
Sean Kutzko
KF9PL (6Y7M)
Urbana, IL

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Fill up the tank and see how far...
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>From Steve Sacco <0006901972 at>  Thu Nov  3 23:58:00 1994
From: Steve Sacco <0006901972 at> (Steve Sacco)
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 94 18:58 EST
Subject: KC2X 10M Single Band Score+Remarks
Message-ID: <40941103235804/0006901972DC6EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

I'm in the middle of a major station construction project, and had expected
that my 20 and 15 stacks would be QRV by now.  Although they're up and
wired, I'm still waiting on CATV connectors, so I can't get any power to
them.  No competitive effort on those bands this time around...

Decided to go for a 10M entry; the stack was up, and I could even get RF to
it.  The saturday before, I had worked some G's (acutally 2E0's) who were
running 3 watts, so there was the POSSIBILITY of the band being in good
shape, relatively speaking.  (Hey it could happen!) Ten sounded OK here in
Florida on friday night (BEFORE the 'test, of course) but it folded right as
00:00 approached.
It was going to be one of THOSE weekends.

All EU peaked to the southeast for the entire weekend.  It was weird,
though, sort of like hearing a sound in the fog; it seems to come from
EVERYWHERE.  I could point the antennas anywhere from NE to SE, with very
little difference in received signal strength.  They did sound loudest to
the SE, which was fitting since that's where my power-line noise was also.

The good news: The new antennas seemed to work; I was able to blow through
most pileups pretty easily.  Maybe it was lack of competition - all the
smart folks where on other bands.  Best (most interesting) DX: FR5DX, a 9X,
5V7, 5W1, AH8A, some VK/ZL a couple of JA's sunday evening.  I nearly fell
out of my chair when I heard the JA's - I'd given up all hope of hearing
anything from that area.

The bad news, besides the so-called "propagation": Power-line noise, severe
lightning both saturday and sunday afternoons.  This caused Mega no,
Giga-QRM both before and after I QRTed due to them  A torrential downpour
which dumped several inches of rain on us sunday afternoon, and a tornado
watch which followed.

The totals:   340 Q    23 Z    85 C   83,700 TOTAL

I don't ever remember working harder for less.


                  ==> that's a joke, folks... <== 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Steve KC2X
Narcoosee, Florida
ssacco at

>From H. L. Serra" <hlserra at  Fri Nov  4 05:57:40 1994
From: H. L. Serra" <hlserra at (H. L. Serra)
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 1994 21:57:40 -0800 (PST)
Subject: CQWW Funnies
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9411032135.A27404-0100000 at>

When we changed the watch at 6E2T during a moderate run:

6E2T (new voice): "QRZ?"

Station Lurking in Weeds: "What's your call?"

6E2T: "Six Echo Two Tango"

SLIW: "But you have a different voice than before."

6E2T: "We changed the watch."

SLIW: "It wasn't the same voice I heard earlier..."

6E2T: "Would you like to wait for the other guy to come back..."

SLIW: "WBxXXX 59 xx. QSL?"

73, 6E2T [Larry N6AZE, Chas W6UQF, Dennis, N6KI, Harvey KD6QK]

>From Wirzenius Jari <HATJWI at>  Fri Nov  4 16:54:00 1994
From: Wirzenius Jari <HATJWI at> (Wirzenius Jari)
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 94 08:54:00 PST
Subject: Buy better filters??
Message-ID: <2EBA68A2 at>

This comment appeared on this reflector. I don't remind you of the origin, 
as I don't want to hurt him any ways. I just would like you all to remember 

>Another guy jumps into the pileup and says "heh, your signal is really
>wide" so I asked where he was and the beam (TH-7 @ 90') was pointed right
>at him.  I replied "Thank you very's takes a whole lot of
>effort and costs a lot of money to be this wide and you I might add
>should consider spending some money for some better filters!....QRZ"

This is a typical answer during the contest, but sometimes I do wonder how 
good filters one should by until these guys are happy??? I have IR filters 
for both SSB and CW in my FT980. Are they good enough??

I might answer " You are still wide although I use 30 dB attenuator and I 
listen you with 17 m yagi although u work on 20 m, I use IR filters two in 
series and you are still wide. What ya say??"

I wan't to remind that it is very easy to overdrive the linear amplifier and 
you would not notice anything. When you overdrive the linear even the world 
best filters won't help you. Use anykind of monitor to check your signals 
even, if you are sure you are not wide. There are sensitive linears in this 
area which require exact tuning, so you can be sure they are putting clean 
signals out.

This note is to all of you. Even to myself, although I don't currently own a 
linear, but will have one in future.

I am ready to take the flames!!

73's Jari, OH2BVE
jari.wirzenius at

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