kd5pj at lobby.ti.com kd5pj at lobby.ti.com
Mon Nov 7 09:29:04 EST 1994

I really didn't know what to expect this year.  My usual contest
station, K5OJI (Texas Instruments ARC), is moving across the street and
won't be ready until early next year.  So, it was a Single Op, Low
Power, Simple Antenna effort from home.

        band    qso's   mults
        ----    -----   -----
        80      116      5
        40      358     20
        20      164     13
        15      173     37

        total:  811     75

        score:  121,650

Rig:    TS930

Ant:    80m - trapped inverted L
        40m - ground mounted quarter wave vertical (33')
        20m - chimney mounted quarter wave ground plane (20')
        15m - chimney mounted half wave sloping dipole (top at 20')

Computer:       old clunker 286 with N6TR logging software

To say that I am pleasantly suprised is an understatement.  I missed KL7
and VE1.  No mug for me this year.  First one that I've missed since
they were offered in '91.

Thanks to everyone for all the q's and fun.  I had a blast!!!!

Vy 73,
Charlie  KD5PJ          kd5pj at lobby.ti.com

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