NE ??

BlckHole at BlckHole at
Mon Nov 7 11:46:16 EST 1994

Gee, I operated a total of 9 hours, on 40M only, with Q power and worked,
lets see....<shuffle shuffle>


NE isn't exactly standard 1-hop distance from N IL either.  Maybe the gods of
QRP operation attracted them to me.  Maybe WX3N and KR0Y should go on an
expedition to NE for SS CW 95 ??

Keith WB9TIY
BlckHole at

>From James White <0006492564 at>  Mon Nov  7 12:40:00 1994
From: James White <0006492564 at> (James White)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 07:40 EST
Subject: SS CW K1ZX
Message-ID: <73941107124037/0006492564PK1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>


....short line score for the collector - a detailed explanation of the
weekend of frustration will follow!


1341 x 76 = 203,832  new S FLORIDA record

(missed KL7.....I never ever miss KL7!)

gn   zx

>From gdo at (Glenn D. O'Donnell)  Tue Nov  1 20:09:21 1994
From: gdo at (Glenn D. O'Donnell) (Glenn D. O'Donnell)
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 94 15:09:21 EST
Subject: CQWW Beginner is Psyched!
Message-ID: <9411012009.AA04700 at dasher>

Hi everyone,
  From my vantage, it's comical to see you guys moaning about your
"wimpy" Multi-Mega-Point scores.  :-)
  I've been a ham for about 17 years, but I'm new to REAL contesting since
I never before had a rig capable of such events.  I agree that propagation
was miserable but I was delighted with the whole thing!  I'm bitten by the
bug big time and you big guns will have some competition here once I beef
up the antennas!
  My new Icom IC-736 was an absolute joy to operate.  It's no FT-1000, but
it sure beats the crap out of my old HW-101!  I was hampered by my modest
dipole cut for 80 meters.  Some real contest-worthy antennas will be in place
for next year.  Someday I'll get a good amp, but my money is much better
invested in antennas and tower(s) for now.
  Given all the above, I was extremely pleased with my results.  My main
objective was to work some new DXCC countries (I got 18 new ones!) and to
get a taste of something as big as CQWW.  It was a great rush!  I can't wait
for the ARRL SS and the CQWW CW.  I don't plan to do much of anything in the
CW contest.  I just barely passed the 20 WPM for my Extra but I need some work
to become contest quality.  I need to work on that because that's apparently
where the REAL DX and contest action lies.
  73 es CU in the electromagnetic trenches,
	de Glenn O'Donnell, N3BDA

My results:

 Category: Single Operator (unassisted)

 160        6        6     1.00      2       2
  80       27       54     2.00      8      12
  40       22       51     2.32     10      14
  20      120      319     2.66     18      55
  15       59      145     2.46     16      35
  10       18       45     2.50      6      14
Totals    252      620     2.46     60     132  =>  119,040

>From n2ic at (LondonSM)  Mon Nov  7 16:18:53 1994
From: n2ic at (LondonSM) (LondonSM)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 09:18:53 -0700
Subject: N2IC SS Score
Message-ID: <9411070918.ZM3816 at>

Warning - Whining about to begin...You have been warned.

N2IC (/0) - Single-op, high power - 1394 x 77

This was not the weekend to do SS from Colorado !  I felt more like I was in
W9. Got off to my best start ever - 103 QSO's (mostly 15 meters, a few 2nd
station QSO's on 20).  All was fine until 40 played tricks around 0200Z - east
coast disappeared for a few hours, then came back later.  That caused my first
QSO deficit vs. the top scores. Daytime really hurt - first CW SS in memory
that 15 meters did not play.  K1ZX and the KP2/KP4 gang were loud all day, but
only occassional 5 minute bursts of W1/W2.  K0RF seemed to make things happen
on backscatter with his big stack.  Sounded like the Texas gang had FB 15
meters.  Spent all day alternating between 20 and 40.  Would call CQ after CQ
on 40 with no takers, then NC0P or K4VX would show up on the band with a
mini-pileup of stations (none of whom had worked me !).  I presume their 750
mile advantage added many dB to their 40 meter signals on the east coast.  VE5
proved elusive.  Spent Sunday PM with 20 meter signal split between the high
east KT-34XA, and the low north XA, hoping to attract a VE5.  Finally, VE5SF
finally answered my CQ on 40 meters at 0030Z, followed by another VE5 5 minutes

Station worked fine - no equipment failures (2 weekends in a row !).

Congrats to K4VX and NC0P for their great midwest scores.

Still scratching my head, after placing higher nationally in CQWW than SS !

Thanks to everyone who worked me.

Steve, N2IC

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