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Mon Nov 7 06:46:16 EST 1994

From: Anderson, Kristen
Date: Mon, Nov 7, 1994 6:42 AM
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>From fish at crl.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)  Mon Nov  7 15:03:30 1994
From: fish at crl.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.) (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 07:03:30 -0800
Subject: N4RJ SS CW
Message-ID: <199411071503.AA17162 at mail.crl.com>

Best start ever...  107 followed by a 99 and a 91.

Then everything died.  Found myself on 80m CQing.  Almost quit, when I heard
someone in MD on 40 meters.  Went back up there and started doing 85+ hours
again.  3 hours on 80m were 72, 73 and 71.  Ouch that hurts!

Blew a fuse in the LK-800 (running amp) Sunday afternoon.  Couldn't find a
replacement, so one rig was 100w the rest of the contest.  Still had an
Alpha 76a for CQing, but now in the wrong ear...  hey it makes a difference!

80M     260
40M     799
20M     449
15M      30
Tot    1538 X 77 = 236,852

Talked to KR0Y this AM.  We both couldn't believe how many people fired up
CQ's without even a question mark first.  I couldn't believe some of the
guys doing it.  People who I thought would know better.  Alot of you are on
this reflector.  What's up with this?  Do you not care, or do you consider
it OK if you hear a clear frequency to assume that it is not in use?  BAD

 QRP is good for this contest.  Brings alot of people out that wouldn't
normally operate.  However, did anyone else notice how many guys that were
QRP assumed that you couldn't hear them and repeated everything twice?  Hey,
if I need fills, I'll ask for it! 

Please forward all grammatical errors in this message to me, marked in red.
Smiley faces are appreciated.

73 and thanks for the QSO's.  

Bill Fisher, KM9P   -    Concentric Systems, Inc.  

>From Alan Brubaker <alan at nah.dsd.ES.COM>  Mon Nov  7 15:26:04 1994
From: Alan Brubaker <alan at nah.dsd.ES.COM> (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 08:26:04 -0700
Subject: SS CW de K6XO/7
Message-ID: <199411071526.IAA06374 at nah.dsd.ES.COM>

K6XO/7  Multiop with W0MHS.  

80  142
40  371
20  288
15  175
10    1
T   977  x  77   =  150,458

FT1000, AL-1200, 80M full wave loop, 40M elevated ground plane, 20M 3el
@41', 15M 3el @50', 10M 4el @30' fixed SE. Logging software by N6TR.

What a propagation rollercoaster. Nice opening Saturday afternoon on 15.
Tough sledding Saturday night on 40/80. Never heard anyone on 160. More
tough sledding Sunday morning - worked some east coast stations late in
the morning on 40. 20 and 15 nearly dead except for stations in the
banana belt. Heard 3 stations on 10 and worked one. 20 finally opened
Sunday afternoon and we picked up Maine for #76 - only VY1/VE8 left to
get. Scouring 20 late Sunday afternoon looking for VY1JA or VE8RCS who
are reported as being active. No luck. Finally, Dave decides to call a
slow CQ just below 14025 with the beam north. Guess who calls? VY1JA on
the first CQ yet! #77 in the log, but not enough QSOs. Almost got to 
1000. Maybe that 12,000 foot mountain just east of the Rancho Costa 
Mucho is a bigger attenuator than I think it is. Look for KI7WX on Phone 
from the Rancho.

Alan, K6XO/7

alan at nah.dsd.es.com

Prices may be slightly higher west of the Rockies...

>From Alan Brubaker <alan at nah.dsd.ES.COM>  Mon Nov  7 15:45:35 1994
From: Alan Brubaker <alan at nah.dsd.ES.COM> (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 94 08:45:35 -0700
Subject: N4RJ SS CW
Message-ID: <199411071545.IAA06528 at nah.dsd.ES.COM>

Hi Bill...congratulations - nice job. From up here it didn't sound like you
were having any trouble. Everything was working okay here except for the

I admit that I stepped on a few people here and there - sorry about that.
Clear frequencies are precious in the SS and in most other contests, and
now and then someone is going to try to encroach on you - it happens, get
used to it. It was not intentional and I am one of those people who is
more than happy to yield, but with so many stations in my skip zone, it is
hard to tell sometimes if there is really anyone there or not. I had my
share of being the stepee too. Most people moved off, but a few did not.
Sometimes you just have to give up arguing and go somewhere else. There
were a few times that I found out how Rodney Dangerfield feels. But if you
think it was bad this past weekend, just wait two weeks! Not only will we
have other contest participants to deal with, we will have the SSTV guys,
the DX net guys, the Sunday Driver Ragchew Net guys, the Maritime Mobile/
bash Herbie guys, the "we have a schedule on this frequency every Sunday"
guys, etc. ad nauseum. 20 is just not going to be much fun. I had a dream
once that these guys would discover 17 meters. Fat chance. Be sure to pop a 
whole bunch of industrial strength Prozac at 2000Z on Saturday. That might 
take the edge off, but no guarantees. This is supposed to be fun. .... ..

CU all then.

Alan, K6XO

alan at nah.dsd.es.com

>From lvn at fox.gsfc.nasa.gov (Larry Novak)  Mon Nov  7 15:52:18 1994
From: lvn at fox.gsfc.nasa.gov (Larry Novak) (Larry Novak)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 10:52:18 EST
Subject: NE is SS
Message-ID: <9411071552.AA02109 at fox.gsfc.nasa.gov>

> Walt , K2WK said:
> Why so few ops on from NEbraska?

Yeah, what's with Nebraska anyway? In all the conests I've been in
during the last 2 years I've worked NE exactly twice. I'm trying for
5BWAS from my new QTH so I sent them both SASE's and have not received
cards. ... A new definition for the mid-west black hole.

- Larry, K3TLX

>From DFREY" <HARRIS.DFREY at IC1D.HARRIS.COM  Mon Nov  7 14:49:09 1994
Date: 07 Nov 1994 09:49:09 EST
Subject: k4xu SS score
Message-ID: <QCY2.DFREY.3557.1994 11 070949 0949>

 K4XU:  1023 x 76 = 155,496  A  IL

Never heard a VE5.
Only worked one NE, VY1, and VE4.
First time with two radios under computer control. 154 Qs on 40m
    with #2.
Used N6TR v5.08 with some problems.
No 10M QSOs.

Dick           dfrey at harris.com

>From lvn at fox.gsfc.nasa.gov (Larry Novak)  Mon Nov  7 16:09:56 1994
From: lvn at fox.gsfc.nasa.gov (Larry Novak) (Larry Novak)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 11:09:56 EST
Subject: Carribean Contest Operating
Message-ID: <9411071609.AA02328 at fox.gsfc.nasa.gov>

OK, now that the contest crews are back from the Carribean, I'd like to
get some info from you. Please email me and I'll post a summary:

 - What did you take with you?

 - What did you wish you took with you that you didn't?

 - How did you package and ship your rig so that it got there and back
   in one piece. Did you have any problems carrying your rig onto some
   of the smaller planes?

 - What about customs into or out of the countries?

 - Any other sage advice you have about current contesting from the

I'll be in C6A for ARRL DX CW in February. My first ever contest
operation outside the US and I'e really looking forward to it.

Larry, K3TLX

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