nv6o cw ss multi-op - nyuk, nyuk

Mon Nov 7 13:04:19 EST 1994

Man did we start out super - 91 1st hr 0n 15.  - Man did it go to hell
from there!

No equipment failures, although the primary 765 wasn't reassembled until
2045z. (It seems that the address dip-switches were inadvertantly moved
during a front panel refurbishment.  Good thing we had back-up 765 to
compare with)

Our goal was 1100 q's to beat other 3 multi teams on for River City
Contesters.  Almost did it - not.

Team 1  NB6G @ AB6LJ wid AB6LJ 3el 40 big LPA 4 sq on 80

Team 2  AA6WJ and no-code KJ6TC pro 67b 80'  80 delta

Team 3  K6SG and KV6H  4el 20 es 40, 10/15 on single boom, 80 m delta

Team 4  NV6O and AH8I and KM6AS  same ol stuff + low th3 for rcv.

We haddem in the mud until 0130z Sun.  Gess we ran out of stations to
work?  Or maybe I shouldn't have overslept Sun am?  Lost 1 hr there.

Jeez,  its tough when you're happy with a 33 rate!

It was as if the captain called down to the engine room, "Make turns
for dead slow."

ok, here's the outcome of the Great RCC multi cw battle

        AA6WJ   999     77
        NV6O    974     77
        K6SG    974     77
        NB6G    968?    77

I need another f key to store "check your log for N4BO", when the other
statio insists he's not a dupe.  f6 was already used for "sacramento
valley, dammit."

I need to attend an SS strategy seminar to figure out if I should keep
going after 0900.

I need my left arm and hand to be out of the cast. Ken, do you make a
version of ct that only uses the right-hand side of the keyboard?

Best line of the weekend was when called by VY1JA who said "Thanx for
the fix!"

Now for (yuchhh) ssb.

Aside from the new practice of premature tail-ending that seems to be
coming in vouge,  I was tremendously impressed with the quality of all
you guys - operating wise.  A pleasure to be amongst you.

Eric, NV6O (O for "only one arm")
edwoods at pacbell.com

>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at seattleu.edu  Mon Nov  7 21:03:46 1994
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at seattleu.edu (H. Ward Silver)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 13:03:46 -0800 (PST)
Subject: SS and CW filters.
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9411071344.A21183-b100000 at bach.seattleu.edu>

First...we need a 1.0kHz filter for CW contesting, or maybe 800Hz.  The
SCAF filter in the FT-990 is nice in that regard, but a BIG signal at the
edge of the passband will cause the guy you're copying to fade in and out
in an amusing way.  I would pay money...

I think the reason so many people call off frequency is that, due to
fatigue or noise or whatever, it's easier to copy the call-ee a little
lower in pitch than where the radios want everything to be centered.  On
some bands this is higher and others lower in "dial frequency", depending on
mixing scheme,
etc.  Also, the callee has the same thing working away on his/her end. 
So...unless both caller and callee have *opposite* and equal preferences,
the caller winds up offset some.  

I, for example, found that calling
offset to give a lower pitch in the callee receiver worked much better on
the noisy low-bands for my QRPeanut Whistle.  Some rigs have the ability
to reset the pitch of the centered signal on receive, but unless everybody
has the pitch reset in the same direction, it will only work about half
the time.

You know...if you open up your 500Hz filter and take out about half the
crystals, it would broaden up the passband...you first!

Ward N0AX

>From Kurszewski Chad" <kurszewski_chad at macmail1.csg.mot.com  Mon Nov  7 15:12:03 1994
From: Kurszewski Chad" <kurszewski_chad at macmail1.csg.mot.com (Kurszewski Chad)
Date: 7 Nov 1994 15:12:03 U
Subject: N4RJ SS CW
Message-ID: <199411072116.AA18653 at pobox.mot.com>

>> Bill Fisher, KM9P wrote:
>> Talked to KR0Y this AM.  We both couldn't believe how many people fired up
>> CQ's without even a question mark first.

> WA6SDM Jim replied:
> Or send the ?, followed 4 1/2 milliseconds later by the CQ, and when
> asked to QSY because frequency is in use, the response is CQ CQ ....
> Yes, they heard me, but decieded they wanted my frequency.

The good thing is that I don't enter most of the contests to place top ten.  I
will gladly waste time in defending my frequency, especially if the maurauder
is serious about it.

Yes, there are times when propagation changes.  But when the first time you
hear the guy and his signal is S9+40db, that's different.  And I __KNOW__ he
heard me with fullsize 3 over 3 on 40M.  I sent QRL many times to him...his
"cq ss ***ukp ***ukp".  People think they can just step on us 'A' or 'Q' power


I continued to work people with him there (not many though), and he finally
gave up (SEVERAL minutes later) and moved up 300 Hz.

Mabye if more people fought back in these instances, instead of supporting this
activity by QSYing, there would be less problems....but I doubt it.

Chad "don't steal my freq or else"  WE9V

>From barry at w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner)  Mon Nov  7 20:35:28 1994
From: barry at w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 94 20:35:28 GMT
Subject: N4RJ SS CW
Message-ID: <TPTFVc2w165w at w2up.wells.com>

fish at crl.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.) writes:

> Talked to KR0Y this AM.  We both couldn't believe how many people fired up
> CQ's without even a question mark first.  I couldn't believe some of the
> guys doing it.  People who I thought would know better.  Alot of you are on
> this reflector.  What's up with this?  Do you not care, or do you consider
> it OK if you hear a clear frequency to assume that it is not in use?  BAD

On 80 meters I sent QRL? waited at least 3 secs. then started CQing. 
Worked one guy then a well-known SSer from 9 land opens up with his CQ 
telling me freq is busy. My guess is he was on rcvr #2 when I was on 
"his" freq. What is proper etiquette? If you play the 2 rcvr game, are 
you still entitled to your run freq if you're gone greater than 30 secs?
I did QSY since I was just playing around, and wasn't interested in a 
frequency fight, but whose frequency is it anyway?

My biggest laugh was when I guy came back to me after my exchange, "QSL 
NR 123 PSE COPY MY NR and so on." Fortunately didn't hear any CQSS CQSS


Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Usenet/Internet: barry at w2up.wells.com
Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >K2TW (FRC)

>From Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH at TGV.COM>  Mon Nov  7 21:32:36 1994
From: Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH at TGV.COM> (Trey Garlough)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 13:32:36 -0800 (PST)
Subject: N4RJ SS CW
Message-ID: <784243956.583994.GARLOUGH at TGV.COM>

> On 80 meters I sent QRL? waited at least 3 secs. then started CQing. 
> Worked one guy then a well-known SSer from 9 land opens up with his CQ 
> telling me freq is busy. My guess is he was on rcvr #2 when I was on 
> "his" freq. What is proper etiquette? If you play the 2 rcvr game, are 
> you still entitled to your run freq if you're gone greater than 30 secs?
> I did QSY since I was just playing around, and wasn't interested in a 
> frequency fight, but whose frequency is it anyway?

It's all relative.  Another scenario is when someone says QRL? when you
are copying the exchange of someone you are working.  I would be inclined
to get the exchange in the log and then run the QRMer/CQer off afterward,
rather than running off the new CQer then having to plead with the guy
I was working to give me a fill.

--Trey, WN4KKN/6

>From Jim Duffy <0006417176 at mcimail.com>  Mon Nov  7 16:43:00 1994
From: Jim Duffy <0006417176 at mcimail.com> (Jim Duffy)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 11:43 EST
Subject: WA6AUE SSCW score
Message-ID: <01941107164310/0006417176PK4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

WA6AUE  Single OP, High Pwr, one rig
1117  x  77   172,018
Glad I finally found KH6CF late on Sunday afternoon for the last
New DKP Designs 2 el 40M yagi worked great...
CU SS Phone    73, Jim

>From oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills)  Mon Nov  7 22:36:36 1994
From: oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 16:36:36 CST
Subject: N4RJ SS CW
Message-ID: <9411072236.AA17905 at astro.as.utexas.edu>

	did anyone else notice how many guys that were QRP assumed that 
        you couldn't hear them and repeated everything twice?  Hey, if I 
        need fills, I'll ask for it!    Bill Fisher, KM9P  

Yes, bugged me too - some of the QRP people were S9.  Other thing that
was a nuisance was after sending "CQ de W5EHM", some people would call
"W5EHM de ...", I must have written my own call down 20 times.  When I 
was first licensed in Britland in the 60s, you had to send the other 
person's call first, even in huge DX pile-ups, so when I got licensed 
here and did my first FD, I started by sending the other call first - 
someone told me you don't have to do that any more, so I only ever did 
it that one time.   You just have to assume that people who do this in 
contests are doing it for their first time and will never do it again 
ever.   Right?   Right!

Actually, the level of operating was pretty good, nobody told me their
name and the local weather, that's for the contest in two weeks from
now, when I will be doing something else (dunno what - anything else!).

Sounded fun hearing contesters all the way up to 7080, it makes up for
the "contesters all the way down to 7025" in the 'phone things.

Derek AA5BT, G3NMX
oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu

>From Lau, Zack,  KH6CP" <zlau at arrl.org  Mon Nov  7 22:50:00 1994
From: Lau, Zack,  KH6CP" <zlau at arrl.org (Lau, Zack,  KH6CP)
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 94 17:50:00 EST
Subject: SS and CW filters.
Message-ID: <2EBEAFA4 at arrl.org>

>N0AX said...
>You know...if you open up your 500Hz filter and take out about half the
>crystals, it would broaden up the passband...you first!

No it doesn't.   More crystals increase the skirt selectivity, not narrow
the bandwidth.  With Cohn type filters, you have to decrease the capacitors
and increase the termination impedances to properly widen up them up.
Actually, the bandwidth does widen a little, maybe 10% when you go
from 7 to 3 crystals, but this isn't going to help much.   Unfortunately,
most other designs aren't as easily modified--need to get new crystals...

I try to call on the frequency of the last station worked--yeah, not easily
done by you folks who work everyone on the first call...

The big surprise this year was running people on 80 meters Sunday
evening running 4 watts.  I was even outside the Extra class window.
About 25/hr with spurts of 7 Qs in 10 minutes.  I put up a full wave 
loop for Phone SS last year and the landlord hasn't said anything...

Did you know the CMOS Super Keyer II lets you add spaces between
characters?  I put more in my callsign and it really seemed to help people
figure out who I was.

80 meters was pretty good during the *Daytime*   I was still
making QSOs till 11 AM.  Hope more will do this on Phone
instead of fighting it out with the 40 meter nets....

Biggest disappointment was getting up at 1036Z and only working
K5RX on 40 meters.  Bands were really dead--all of them.

Unfortunately, the other bands were a waste.  40 was too long much
of the time for my low dipole.  15 and 20 are usually tough to begin
with on the 33 ft wire out the window...

Multipliers were real tough--like Phone SS.  I'd find guys and never
get through.  Even when I heard WB0O giving out single digit numbers
hand having to fill almost every one of them!  Been years since I had
trouble getting a respectable multiplier on CW.

K2MM and N2IC didn't seem to mind working weak QRP stations...they
both came back on the first call.

Oh yeah, the score--roughly 480 x 67  (253 Qs on 80 M !)  QRP single op.

 --Zack KH6CP/1   zlau at arrl.org

>From p_casier at eunet.be (Peter Casier)  Mon Nov  7 23:30:28 1994
From: p_casier at eunet.be (Peter Casier) (Peter Casier)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 00:30:28 +0100
Subject: OT4T CQWW SSB M/S detailed score
Message-ID: <199411072330.AAA12494 at box.eunet.be>

Here's the detailed score for OT4T, m/s. General remarks were published in
an earlier mail.

Guess IQ4A will have won m/s for EU, we should be 2nd, with TK5EL, LZ9A and
TM1C following. Up to now, I've only seen one m/m and one m/s score which
beat our 886 multiplier total... Still it is about 150 below our target, but
this is the way propagation wanted it... Our revenche in the CW leg will be
sweet. HA!

                   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1994

      Call: OT4T                     Country:  Belgium
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single

      160       97      115     1.19     10      54
       80      832     1499     1.80     20      94
       40      529     1425     2.69     30     110
       20     1556     3641     2.34     40     151
       15      578     1201     2.08     37     162
       10      339      620     1.83     31     147

     Totals   3931     8501     2.16    168     718  =>  7,531,886

PS: already repaired one amp and two TNCs!


Peter - ON6TT.

p_casier at box.eunet.be

>From Rudolf Torsten Clay <torsten at mephisto.physics.uiuc.edu>  Mon Nov  7 23:43:27 1994
From: Rudolf Torsten Clay <torsten at mephisto.physics.uiuc.edu> (Rudolf Torsten Clay)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 17:43:27 CST
Subject: N4OGW SS CW
Message-ID: <199411072343.AA18038 at mephisto.physics.uiuc.edu>

N4OGW/9 Single Op, Low Power, IL

80	196
40	613
20	173
15	14
10	0
        996, 74 sec.  --> 147,408

Station: Omni6 + C Line, assorted tree-assisted wire antennas: 2 40m dipoles,
	80m wire vertical, N6TR software.

	Rained all Saturday...needed two sets of tuner markings, one for
dry ladder-line, one for wet ladder-line.  Missed PAC, AK, and NWT.  Spent
20 minutes Sunday evening calling KH6CF on 20m before he went qrt...Argh!
Does KH6 ever show up on 40 in this contest?
	Started the contest CQing on 40m instead of 20 (impossible to hold a 
20m frequency in the first hours of SS with 100w/dipole from IL). Was
planning to get on 20m on Sunday once things had quieted down to pick up
the western mults...unfortunately condx dropped out. At least I did have a
few hours of good rate until the big guns descended.  
	Had some tvi for the first time with our house's TV (Why during SS?
I normally can run 700w with no damage to the local electronics). Best
moment was trying to explain to one of my housemates how to install toroids,
all while still operating 2 radios.

Thanks for the qsos, and thanks to the neighbor's fence for grounding the
80m antenna!

Torsten, n4ogw at uiuc.edu

(Tree: I tried the PTT output...it is nice! Now I don't miss the first
letter of some of the calls I get)

>From Peter Rimmel <k8unp at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us>  Mon Nov  7 23:56:46 1994
From: Peter Rimmel <k8unp at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us> (Peter Rimmel)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 18:56:46 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9411071802.A14356-0100000 at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us>

And topping the list is lids who make up lists like these!!  and waste 
our time on the internet...

On Sun, 6 Nov 1994, Victor Burns-KI6IM wrote:

>      WELL BE.
>      DISEASE.

>From Peter Rimmel <k8unp at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us>  Mon Nov  7 23:59:07 1994
From: Peter Rimmel <k8unp at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us> (Peter Rimmel)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 18:59:07 -0500 (EST)
Subject: SOA score/notes
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9411071837.B14356-0100000 at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us>

You can go to other bands and work people... If you do not include it in 
your single band score and do not report the other band as contest 
operating, which it is not for you, only the other guy, it will not 
affect your single band status... BUT  it will take away operating time 
from your single band effort!

                                             \_\_\__\__\__\     -.-.
Have Fun! 73, dah-di-dah                      \ \ \ |\  \  \        --.-
Peter Rimmel                                       |X|
k8unp at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us                   |X|
K8UNP at N4HHP.#HWDFL.FL.USA.NOAM (packet)     _______|X|______

On Sun, 6 Nov 1994, Gary E Belcher wrote:

> On Wed, 2 Nov 1994, Robert Wood wrote:
> > Put out 138 spots, worked xf4m,v31dx,v47z,zf2ji,pj1b,&vp2e 5 bands.
> > 160 antenna on ground.  226K total.  (may submit as a S/B if CT 
> > shows the single band score with multi-band worked)
> > -- 
> > 73  Robert                    
> > WB5CRG   
> > 
> Its probably been addressed on here before but maybe I can be enlightened.
> It has always been my impression that if I was single band I couldnt make
> qsos (contest qsos) on other bands, thought once I made contacts on a 2nd
> band I had to enter all band. Am I wrong? Quite  a few stations asked me
> to go to 10 or 20 for a multiplier and I told them sorry I was single band
> 15 - would have been glad to go and do it cuz I wasnt getting many calls
> at the times. 73 de Gary KH6GMP           belcher at uhunix.hawaii.edu

>From Tim Coad" <Tim_Coad at smtp.svl.trw.com  Tue Nov  8 00:28:48 1994
From: Tim Coad" <Tim_Coad at smtp.svl.trw.com (Tim Coad)
Date: 7 Nov 1994 16:28:48 -0800
Subject: Re-SS and CW filters ....
Message-ID: <n1427896366.44204 at smtp.svl.trw.com>

                       Subject:                               Time:4:26 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          Re:SS and CW filters ....              Date:11/7/94

>>Funny, I couldn't believe how many people were calling off frequency.
>>Isn't zero beating included in the instructions of rigs any more? ..AB6WM

Well...it didnt seem like they were listening zero beat.
Maybe my tx freq is off in my old rig...but if its off in my rig it might be
in the VE8's old rig too......

Peter, sounds like you did a good job using your RIT..unlike some others.

Tim - NU6S

>From George Cutsogeorge <0006354141 at mcimail.com>  Mon Nov  7 19:08:00 1994
From: George Cutsogeorge <0006354141 at mcimail.com> (George Cutsogeorge)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 14:08 EST
Subject: W2VJN SS CW Results
Message-ID: <95941107190859/0006354141PK2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Oregon, SO, High Pwr, 19 hours.

	741 QSO	77 Sections, Score = 114,114.

	Equipment: IC765, Titan, 486 & CT 9.13
	Antennas: 204BA and Dipoles.

Comments: The last SS I was in was 1966.  That year the top three
CW scores were from California.  W6CUF, WA6SBO (W1YNP op) and
W6RW (K9ELT op).  Other top scores were from W9IOP, W4KFC and
W3BES (Old friend and now W3GM.)

Two college stations placed in the top ten, W8UM ( W8CQN op) and
W9YT ( K9ZMS op).

Thanks to everyone for the Qs.

George, W2VJN

>From Steve Merchant <merchant at crl.com>  Tue Nov  8 01:17:25 1994
From: Steve Merchant <merchant at crl.com> (Steve Merchant)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 17:17:25 -0800 (PST)
Subject: K6KM SS CW Results
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.941107170722.962B-100000 at crl6.crl.com>

     K6KM SS CW -- Single Operator  High Power  Section:  SV

     160     0
      80    95
      40   504
      20   430
      15   110
      10     0

          1139    77      175,406

Equipment:  TS950SDX, Alpha 87A -- CT v9.13 using -wpo switch (weird 
polling option).  Force 12 monobanders 40-10, dipole and WM2C Death Ray 
<tm> on 80.

Club:  Northern California Contest Club

Team:  Nairobi Trio Wannabees

Opr:   N4TQO

Comments:  First two hours 86 apiece on 15, then 20; downhill 
thereafter.  Went to sleep at 09Z needing WY and NE -- expected more PAC 
and AK (only one apiece).  Sunday was weird, like trying to work EU from 
W6 during low sunspot cycle.  Bill's 40m yagi saved me.  Lots of guys 
calling outside passband (500 hz), no one stole my freq.  Highlight was 
working N6KT on cw with 18 minutes left in the contest (his nr 20).  
Thanks to Bill for a great station and super hospitality -- and thanks 
for all the Q's.  My first serious SS in 28 years -- fun!  See you on the 
other mode (blecchhh!)

Steve N4TQO
merchant at crl.com

>From Rick Zabrodski <zabrodsk at med.ucalgary.ca>  Tue Nov  8 01:25:27 1994
From: Rick Zabrodski <zabrodsk at med.ucalgary.ca> (Rick Zabrodski)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 18:25:27 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Stealing Frequencies
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.941107182041.21618B-100000 at ume>

Reminds me of being asked to move off a net freq on 10 meters last year.
I had been calling for 30 minutes working stations when obviously the 
propogation  changed.....They refused to believe I had been there and of 
course insisted I was running a linear rather than 5 watts!
So, what is the rule when you have been both on freq and propogation 
changes and makes you both meet?

Dr. Rick Zabrodski BSc, MD, CCFP(E)       *               VE6GK 
EMAIL:  zabrodsk at med.ucalgary.ca          *     
Packet: VE6GK at VE6YYC.#cgy.ab.can.na       *      "Power is no subsititute 
Phone: (403) 271-5123   Fax: 225-1276     *               for skill."

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