Pk232 and ct

chuck.kraly at chuck.kraly at
Mon Nov 7 22:39:50 EST 1994

Tnx to all who answered my inquiry. All the messages are stored and held in
case there are any other problems. Here is what Jerry NX0I found.
We tried changing the configure on the comtsr to no avail. All the interups
were standard configure, and we switched to comtsr to look at 7E1, but nothing
worked. we also tried a diferent com port, and another pc. What was eventually
done was Jerry changed the PK232 to 8N1 and it worked. so he made this the
default from now on. So tnx to all who sent replies.
As for the Nebraska thing during contests, there would have been a very active
station on but, due to illness, he wasn't able to make it. So next year look
for Bob, NW0F on full bore we hope. He was very active from here in K.C. when
he lived here and is lloking froward to getting on in the contests from
Nebraska when he gets to felling better. So next year, hopefully.
73 es cu in CQWW cw from NX0I
chuck.kraly at

>From Richard Hallman <0006135537 at>  Mon Nov  7 23:46:00 1994
From: Richard Hallman <0006135537 at> (Richard Hallman)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 18:46 EST
Subject: KI3V/7 SS CW...
Message-ID: <82941107234628/0006135537NA5EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

                        ARRL SWEEPSTAKES -- 1994

      Call: KI3V/7                   State: Nevada  
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator/Single Rig

      BAND     QSO         Comments

      160        0    Right.....
       80      286    What a great band on Saturday night!!               
       40      307    3PM Sunday E. Coast was 10-20 over!!  GAS Award=N4RJ! 

       20      487    Sunday was the best day....Great opening.             

       15      228    90% from Saturday...Not much on Sunday                

       10        0    Not worth the time!                 

     Totals   1308    X     77

               Score:  201,432

Equipment:  IC-765, Alpha 77 (No...its the ONE tuber!)
            Stack TH7's, 40-2cd @ 112 ft, TH6 @ 56 ft
            80 Inv V @ 102 ft

   My last mult needed was Nebraska!!   Kinda wondered what I was doing 
wrong to need NE....Sorry to hear others had the same problem.  VY1JA called
me on 20 meters at beginning of the contest...Thanks Jay!!   

Now for comments on KM9P's CQing on another persons freq.....

   MANY times I would send several QRL?'s on a quiet frequency,
maybe 2 or 3 spaced 1-2 seconds apart.  I would hear NOTHING in
return.  I would work 1-5 stations, then have a LOUD somebody
come back and tell me to QSY..The Freq was in use!!   How can this
be??  My feelings are that this would happen when somebody
using TWO rigs was on the other radio working somebody else.
Then when they were done, they wanted their OTHER freq back....Not
sure if anything is fair in a contest...But I have a problem with
this.  Cant wait till we can get THREE radios running and they 
all want THREE freq's at once.  Of course not all TWO radio contesters
do this....But I think this maybe part of the problem.....The Fix???

CT:  Used Version 9.13, set POLL to 100, and CT was FLAWLESS all
     weekend!   At one point I though the program crashed...Spent
     a few minutes to re-boot and found that I pulled the keyboard
     jack out of the keyboard!! ha

      See Ya in two weeks!!   Rich  KI3V Portable Seven!

PS...  " Dont CQ on MY freq..."

>From George Cutsogeorge <0006354141 at>  Tue Nov  8 00:18:00 1994
From: George Cutsogeorge <0006354141 at> (George Cutsogeorge)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 19:18 EST
Subject: Contesting and Filters
Message-ID: <33941108001833/0006354141PK3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

All of the high end radios have cascaded filters with one
at an IF around 9MHz and another usually at 455 kHz.  This 
combo gives excellant skirt selectivity and makes for good
S & P operation.  However, when running stations, a slower
roll off is better to hear people that are not exactly
in the rcvr pass band.

There is a simple way to improve these radios for contesting
that seems to have escaped the designers.  If the 455 kHz 
filter is switched out (and the ssb filter is substituted)
the nose selectivity stays about the same, usually 500 Hz,
but it becomes possible to hear stations off frequency a
couple of hundred Hz each side.  The improvement when
running stations is dramatic.

I have modified my last three radios (930, 940 and 765) by
adding a mini toggle switch on the bottom cover just behind
the tuning knob to do the switching.  When the going gets
rough the other filter can be switched in or the 250 Hz can
be used.

George, W2VJN.

>From Jim Fenstermaker, K9JF" <jfenster at  Tue Nov  8 06:40:16 1994
From: Jim Fenstermaker, K9JF" <jfenster at (Jim Fenstermaker, K9JF)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 22:40:16 -0800 (PST)
Subject: CQ WW Phone Results
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9411072230.A15343-0100000 at potlatch>

I realize this is late info but just got subscribed to the contest reflector.

CQ WW SSB Single Band 20 meters from K9JF/7
750 QSO's
36 Zones
122 Countries =
317K points

Score down 40% from last year's effort.  Lack of QSO's! 
first hour in a DX contest since I operated from DL5JF 22 years ago.  138 
in the first hour which was 1/5 of my total QSO's.  Lost a TS850s or 
AL1200 amp (anyone have information on which relay failed?) but had a 
back-up TS830 and 2K-Classic.  Only running a single 5el 205BA @ 75' 
which also hurt.

During tests like this one, the black hole of 9-land looks good compared 
to the sponge in the Pacific NW.  As my buddy DK3GI once told me, "this 
place is at the edge of the earth!".  

Anyway, I'm looking for a good place to go for ARRL SSB test.  Anyone 
looking for a op?

73 Jim K9JF/7
Vancouver, WA

>From Lee Hiers <0006701840 at>  Tue Nov  8 00:55:00 1994
From: Lee Hiers <0006701840 at> (Lee Hiers)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 19:55 EST
Subject: Another Sucky SS Score
Message-ID: <05941108005550/0006701840PK4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

AA4GA  S/O low power (as opposed to HIGH POWER)

494 X 73, missing KL7, VE2, VE8, NE

At least I didn't hear any of the sections I missed.

Excuses d'jour:  
		1)  Computer problems
		2)  Rig problems
		3)  Antenna problems
		4)  Keyer problems
		5)  Attitude problems....wait, that's at work...well, here too!

I weren't having fun, so I quit at about 1am.  Kept going back every few
hours on Sunday thinking I could salvage a sweep....nope.

The one or two times I had mini-runs going, I got visitors from some of KM9P's
qrmers....guess that's life.

My beef is with two operators (neither of which were on my latest copy of
the WB5VZL list) who refused to work me because I was a "dupe".  I told both
of them they were not in my log in response to their "QSO B4", but they didn't
seem to care.  The smart thing for them to do is to go ahead and work me again,
but I guess they weren't too smart, as they decided to argue that they had
indeed worked me before.  I got "my" QSO number that I supposedly gave from
one of them (who claims to be a hot-shot CW op) and the call I logged wasn't
even close, although it _was_ the same call area.  Now, I ain't saying I
couldn't have messed up their calls (I don't claim to be a hot-shot CW op),
but they're the ones who are going to have the QSOs removed from their logs.  
Maybe these guys are the ones who qrmed KM9P et al....

Wait 'til next year....

73 de Lee AA4GA
aa4ga at

>From Danny Eskenazi <0005720561 at>  Tue Nov  8 05:45:00 1994
From: Danny Eskenazi <0005720561 at> (Danny Eskenazi)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 94 00:45 EST
Subject: Ready for PART TIME
Message-ID: <62941108054526/0005720561PK2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

  Well is everyone (except those diehard W5 and 4s 
who DO HAVE PROPAGATION) ready for that ol' subject to be 
brought up again?   PART TIME ENTRIES in CONTESTS......
Tried selling it at the TOP of the cycle...boy that was a big mistake.
Bands were too damn good for people to NOT operate the full contest
times.......but now....... yes NOW AT THE might be the
right time. Dont let those coronal holes, and solar flares depress ya..
just pick your favorite 8 hour period in the contest, and spend the
rest of the weekend hackin those blackberries, watching football, and
spending a cozy time in front of the fire with the family dog and good
ol quality time. The little knowing smile will tell it all, as you think
of those poor 48 hours masochists banging thier heads into the aurora..
over and over again... Pick your best 8 and submit to the 3830 gang 

after the test, maybe GEOIII will even
have a separate listing for PART TIMERS here on the reflector. OK Geo?
73 and keep smilin'
Danny K7SS

>From bruce at (Bruce W. Miller)  Tue Nov  8 00:32:17 1994
From: bruce at (Bruce W. Miller) (Bruce W. Miller)
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 94 18:32:17 CST
Subject: CQWWSSB
Message-ID: <io5FVc5w165w at>



Does the use of a voice digitized "Contest card" constitute
assisted operation?  If not why not?

I would like to know before I drop the $$$ on one.  

Bruce V31JU

>From Dan Reese <danreese at>  Tue Nov  8 12:10:31 1994
From: Dan Reese <danreese at> (Dan Reese)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 06:10:31 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Help - I blew away Monday messages
Message-ID: <199411081210.GAA29399 at>

Could someone with a mail reader who has all of Monday, November 7
postings from CQ-CONTEST archived send me some of those messages?  Due to
circumstances usually under my control, I lost posts between 0300 UTC
Monday, Nov 7 and roughly 1900 UTC Monday, Nov 7, just before the
one from Derek Wills "puny effort - W5EHM" message.

If you can help, E-mail me first to make arrangements.  Sorry for
the hassle.

73, Dan N9XX
danreese at

>From Mike Vestal <mrvestal at HK.Super.NET>  Tue Nov  8 13:25:21 1994
From: Mike Vestal <mrvestal at HK.Super.NET> (Mike Vestal)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 21:25:21 +0800 (HKT)
Subject: CQWW Phone 1994
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.941108205837.21952A-100000 at>

                        CQWW Phone 1994 Results
Call: VS6WV
Mode: SSB

	Band	QSOs	Zones	Countries
	160	0	0	0
	80	16	9	9	
	40	68	20	31
	20	34	17	23	
        15	238	32	90
	10	425	24	73 
      Totals    781     102     226  operating time 15 hrs.
Score: 560,552 pts

Equipment: FT1000D   all bands

Antennas (Tx):  20/15/10   A-3
                40/80      HF2-V
Antennas (Rx):  20/15/10   R-5  FT1000 2nd rx
                40/80      200' long wire 

Bands wwere not that good hr in H.K. but did have nice 10M opening to
Europe and Africa on Sat afternoon. 40 was good Saturday nite knocking
off the XE and HC8 but found it frustrating hearing not to work the PJ9
when he was 10 db over S9. I even tried to call him in the American phone 
band to no avail.. Oh well... maybe next year. 80m sucked.
Am looking forward to cqww cw. Hope to have the 2 el 40m beam and 2 halfwaves
in phase for 80m..

de Mike
mrvestal at

*   Mike Vestal                    *      HONG KONG ISLAND               *
*   VS6WV/W0YZS                    *                                     *
*                                  *      mrvestal at          * 

>From Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH at TGV.COM>  Tue Nov  8 13:32:35 1994
From: Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH at TGV.COM> (Trey Garlough)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 05:32:35 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Ready for PART TIME
Message-ID: <784301555.236623.GARLOUGH at TGV.COM>

>   Well is everyone (except those diehard W5 and 4s 
> who DO HAVE PROPAGATION) ready for that ol' subject to be 
> brought up again?   PART TIME ENTRIES in CONTESTS......
> Tried selling it at the TOP of the cycle...boy that was a big mistake.
> Bands were too damn good for people to NOT operate the full contest
> times.......but now....... yes NOW AT THE might be the
> right time. 

Sounds great.  In that case, I will dust off a proposal I made in the
80's for a part-time Sweepstakes category:

Contest period for full time operation is 21Z Sat through 03Z Monday,
operate 24 hours max (i.e. retain current scheme).

Contest period for part-timers is 12Z Sun through 03Z Monday, operate
12 hours max.

The thinking behind this is that the Sweepstakes has always been two
contests, the one that happens on Saturday and the one that happens
on Sunday.  The Gator mentioned that he made 950 QSOs on Saturday, but 
"only" 600 on Sunday.  Naturally, if we want to encourage part-time
activity, it should be on Sunday when there is a need for (as the Gator
so delicately expressed it) "fresh meat."

--Trey, WN4KKN/6

>From no0t at (Paul Sobon)  Tue Nov  8 14:42:39 1994
From: no0t at (Paul Sobon) (Paul Sobon)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 09:42:39 -0500
Subject: N4RJ SS CW
Message-ID: <9411081349.AA23642 at>

>Sounded fun hearing contesters all the way up to 7080, it makes up for
>the "contesters all the way down to 7025" in the 'phone things.
>Derek AA5BT, G3NMX

I had to laugh when my 11 yr old daughter AD4PU was operating SS contest on
7075 and some guy gave her a lecture on operating in the AMTOR etc part of
the band. He told her she would be sorry if she stayed.  She was getting
QRM'd by one or two AMTOR police that were determined to teach her a
lesson.   The filters on the 930 and the beam on 40 work wonders on guys
like that. And CT doesn't care - just keeps on going and going and
going......  They finally gave up and went after some other poor soul who
made the mistake of moving up in the band.


Paul Sobon                     no0t at
Fujistu Network Switching      Amateur Radio:  NO0T
Raleigh, NC 27609

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