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Tue Nov 8 15:28:29 EST 1994

>Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH at TGV.COM> writes:
>> Nonetheless, I agree that time management is very hard.  I would like to
>> see the ARRL include "hours operated" in the line scores for all contests
>> as done with Sweepstakes.  The would give part time guys a chance to see
>> how well they did compared to people who operated similar amounts of time.
>Trey - I don't know about your experience with ARRL's time listing for
>SS, but a few years ago I operated 4 hours, had a very good rate, and I
>was listed as operating 24 hours. I dropped them a note, and they said a
>correction would be listed, but it never was.

Same thing happened to me last year.  I operated about 10 hours in SSB SS
(about all I could stand), made 70K points, but it showed me as 24 hours in
the listings in QST.  Made me look like a totally incompetent operator
instead of a pseudo-whiz kid!

73--Jim, K6ZH

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