Tue Nov 8 18:47:56 EST 1994

Call: K2WK Mode: SSB  Category: Single Unlimited
160      22       48     2.18     11      19
80      226      627     2.77     20      74
40      103      278     2.70     25      68
20      519     1482     2.86     29     118
15      173      470     2.72     22     101
10       80      202     2.53     13      42
Totals 1123     3107     2.77    120     422 
Score = 1,683,994;  In 24 hrs.

The new beverages made Fri. nite on 80M alot of fun.
Saturday & Sunday were another story. Did manage about
1 or 2 hours of run time on 20M, Sunday afternoon.
Made my multiplier quota, Q's were another story.
Have never felt so drained during and after a contest.
Station: IC-765; Hbrw Amp, 3x4PR-500's
Antennas: 160=112' sloping wire; 
75/40=52' Vertical w/70 70' radials.
40=Bobtail curtain; 20=204BA up 63';
15=5 el. monoyagi up 53'; 10=105BA up 30'
RX ant: NE/SW & NW/SE 492' 2-wire beverages.    
CU all in the CW pileups.

>From tim.ellam at logical.cuc.ab.ca (Tim Ellam)  Mon Nov  7 12:35:00 1994
From: tim.ellam at logical.cuc.ab.ca (Tim Ellam) (Tim Ellam)
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 07:35:00 -0500
Subject: SS CW
Message-ID: <118289.1000.uupcb at logical.cuc.ab.ca>

VE6SH Single Op QRP

351/72 for 50,544 points

Hours of Op: 22

Missed ME,VT,NE,ND and VI for a sweep-Solar storm caused havoc on Sunday
15 and 10 were dead and 20 was not much better!


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>From GOOSE WD8LLD <GOOSTER at delphi.com>  Wed Nov  9 00:20:23 1994
From: GOOSE WD8LLD <GOOSTER at delphi.com> (GOOSE WD8LLD)
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 1994 19:20:23 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <01HJ8XG8YWNM9N87NL at delphi.com>

For what it's worth here is m
For what it's worth here are my ss results for cw
                           ARRL NOVEMBER SWEEPSTAKES
     Call used: WD8LLD                                         Location: OH
     Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: CW              Power: 150W
     Callsign of Operator: WD8LLD
     If multi-operator, show calls of all operators and loggers:
     Exchanged Information: nr A WD8LLD 77 OH  
     Hours of Operation: 20:40
     band      QSOs     points
     160          0          0
      80        263        526
      40        363        726
      20        132        264
      15         17         34
      10          0          0
     TOTAL      775       1550   X   75 multipliers  =  116,250
     Club or Team Name: MAD RIVER RADIO CLUB        
     I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations for
     amateur radio  in my country.  My report  is correct and true to the
     best of my knowledge.  I agree  to be bound by  the decisions of the
     ARRL Awards Committee.
     Date_________ Signature_____________________________ Call____________
     Name: ELMER STEINGASS                 Call: WD8LLD
           1690 N. HONEYTOWN RD.         
           WOOSTER,, OH 44691
As a final note condx SUCKED!!!!!
73 all,

>From tim.ellam at logical.cuc.ab.ca (Tim Ellam)  Tue Nov  8 16:12:00 1994
From: tim.ellam at logical.cuc.ab.ca (Tim Ellam) (Tim Ellam)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 94 11:12:00 -0500
Subject: Nomail
Message-ID: <118569.1000.uupcb at logical.cuc.ab.ca>


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>From k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek)  Wed Nov  9 01:17:20 1994
From: k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek) (John Zapisek)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 94 17:17:20 PST
Subject: 1994 SS/CW
Message-ID: <9411090117.AA05898 at greylock.local>

The SS/CW comments here on cq-contest have been terrific reading.  What
great material!

The formalities:  K2MM  153,520-1010-76-23  from the QTH of Al/AG6D.

> [Zack/KH6CP]  K2MM and N2IC didn't seem to mind working weak QRP
> stations... they both came back on the first call.

Please, Zack, you're gonna give me a bad name.  Just because I worked the
QRP'ers doesn't mean I didn't mind doing it ;-)  Besides, *you* were loud!
Also, your KH6 really got my attention.  You were the only KH6 I worked,
and I still missed PAC!

> [Jim/WA6AUE]  Glad I finally found KH6CF late on Sunday afternoon for the
> last section... phew.

After bagging my 1000 Qs, I spent the last hour on 40m and 80m CQ'ing
beaming west and tuning around for KH6.  I thought about looking on 20m
but I talked myself out of it. . . .

> [Tor/N4OGW]  Spent 20 minutes Sunday evening calling KH6CF on 20m before
> he went qrt... Argh!  Does KH6 ever show up on 40 in this contest?

. . . and I should have known better than to listen to myself!

> [Peter/AB6WM/VE3SUN]  It was great to see so much QRP activity out there.
> Made me feel real guilty about wasting so much power!

Naw, Peter, you're just being courteous when you run QRO --

> [Dick/AA6MC/G0MFO]  I brought up the concept that the British are known
> for their good manners, and making some poor guy struggle to listen for a
> puny 10 watt signal on 160 meters was really just poor manners, and poor
> international relations at that.  The British really needed to take the
> lead and set a high tone for signal quality (and Strength!)

The real operating achievement in QRP work belongs to the ops on the other
end who struggle to copy the puny-weak signal!  As such, I propose that a
QRP station be given only 1 point per QSO and the other point be given to
the station they work.  Let's give credit where it's due!

Anyway, here's my breakdown:  624 A   293 B   93 Q

BTW, the loudest station I heard called me on 40m and was at least 15 dB
louder than anybody anywhere.  It was W4ETO.  Guess that makes sense :-)

> [Derek/AA5BT/G3NMX]  Heard two PQs on 40, one answering someone else, the
> other (VO1MP) 3 layers deep and unworkable at the time.

I worked one PQ and one QU.  So why was QU changed to PQ anyway?  Yeah, I
know it stands for Province de Quebec, but does that mean we should change
EMA to ECM (East Commonwealth of Massachusetts)?  I wonder if Baabah Waawah
would say that PQ stands for Powiticawy Quewect?  (Rotten League politics?)

> [Dick/K4XU]  Due to a math error, I ended operating 15 minutes over.

But the ARRL rules say that even listening time counts as operating time.
So, even removing Qs won't help.  Looks like you've got yourself a check
log, Dick :-)

> [Scott/N1EE quoted by Jim/WA6SDM]  What are "the green keys" ?

Gee, wasn't Scott also the one who asked "Who's Joe Walsh?"

> [Larry/K7SV]  Fooled around for about an hour and went to eat the
> blackberries Tree was going to hack Sunday. . . .

Eating blackberries before they're hacked will surely ruin your propagation!

> . . . If the guys in Wi, Ind etc think they are in the black hole, they
> ought to operate a contest from ND once!

What black hole?  Almost all the midwest sections (IL OH CO MI WI MN IN KS)
seem to be at the bottom of my least-worked list:

  0 PAC    3 SC     6 EWA    9 RI    11 AL    14 NH    20 IN    29 WI
  1 YU     3 WY     6 LA     9 SF    11 NM    14 OR    23 EPA   31 MI
  2 QU     4 AR     6 MT     9 UT    11 OK    14 ORG   23 WNY   32 CO
  2 VI     4 IA     7 DE    10 AB    11 ON    14 TN    25 EMA   33 STX
  3 AK     4 MS     7 ID    10 KY    11 SV    15 KS    25 MDC   35 VA
  3 MAR    4 SB     7 SFL   10 LAX   12 NLI   16 WPA   26 SCV   43 OH
  3 MB     4 SD     7 SK    10 MO    12 SDG   17 GA    27 ENY   44 IL
  3 ME     5 NV     7 VT    10 NFL   13 EB    18 NC    27 WWA
  3 ND     5 PR     7 WTX   10 WMA   13 SNJ   19 NNJ   28 NTX
  3 NE     6 BC     8 SJV   10 WV    14 AZ    20 CT    29 MN

> [Bill/KM9P]  Talked to KR0Y this AM.  We both couldn't believe how many
> people fired up CQ's without even a question mark first.  I couldn't
> believe some of the guys doing it. . . .

This is serious.  My foremost impression about this SS was how bad the
frequency fighting was.  It seemed way worse than last year.  But I know
memory can play tricks, so I wasn't really sure . . . until I read some of
the SS postings.  Seems I wasn't alone in my impression.  I sure don't
remember this point being emphasized much in last year's SS postings.

> [George/W1XE]  Yes, the "act" was worse this year than in the past... 

I wonder why this year was so bad.  Baseball strike?  Hockey lockout?  Angry
electorate?  Yeah, maybe that's it -- all those slimy political ads on TV!

> [Jim/WA6SDM]  Yes, they heard me, but decided they wanted my frequency.
> Happened several times this weekend.  Really pissed me off, because I hate
> getting into a CQ pissing contest.

I had a nice run going for a couple of hours high in the band, about 14067.
Then another station jumped on the frequency while I was copying someone
else's exchange.  (Probably getting fills from a QRP'er!)  When I resumed
CQ'ing, he insisted "QRL QRL QRL QSY."  He spent the next half hour QRM'ing
me insisting he wouldn't go away as long as I was on the frequency.  Sure
glad he was weak enough to work through, though at a reduced rate.  If I
hadn't been on the frequency so long, I might not have been so pig-headed.
But it sure did raise my blood pressure!

> [Chad/WE9V]  I will gladly waste time in defending my frequency,
> especially if the maurauder is serious . . . "cq ss ***ukp ***ukp" . . . 
> People think they can just step on us 'A' or 'Q' power CQers.  WRONG.

Wow!  I had the same experience with that very same station.  And I was
running "B" power.  I think it took him 10 or 15 minutes to go away.

> [Alan/K6XO]  Sometimes you just have to give up arguing and go somewhere
> else.

True, but that's a skill I don't think I'll ever master!

> [Bill/KM9P]  QRP is good for this contest.  Brings a lot of people out
> that wouldn't normally operate. . . .

But it seemed that many of the frequency disagreements I got into started
when a station fired up CQ'ing on my frequency while I was trying to get
fills from a QRP'er.

> . . . Did anyone else notice how many guys that were QRP assumed that you
> couldn't hear them and repeated everything?

> [Dave/WX3N]  The biggest problem came from the QRPers, who were actually
> good copy, but they often took so long repeating their exchange that other
> guys who heard the seemingly clear frequency would send ? QRL or CQ, so I
> had to ask for fills despite the repeats!  The repeating begat more
> repeating. . . .

Did you notice how the NE stations would send everything in their exchange
just once EXCEPT their section which they sent twice?  I think they knew.

> . . . Took over 1000 QSOs to get NE.  Ended up working a few of 'em, but
> they weren't calling CQ!

> [Larry/K3LTX]  Yeah, what's with Nebraska anyway?  In all the conests I've
> been in during the last 2 years I've worked NE exactly twice.

> [Rich/KI3V]  My last mult needed was Nebraska!!   Kinda wondered what I
> was doing wrong to need NE. . . .  MANY times I would send several QRL?'s
> on a quiet frequency, maybe 2 or 3 spaced 1-2 seconds apart.  I would hear
> NOTHING in return.  I would work 1-5 stations, then have a LOUD somebody
> come back and tell me to QSY..The Freq was in use!!   How can this be??

This happened to me.  I found a clear frequency on 20m and started CQ'ing.
After about two minutes, N2MM came back, said the frequency was in use, and
started CQ'ing.  I asked him where he'd been the last two minutes.  He said
in the bathroom.  I guess that goes to show that Not Transmitting is the
ultimate in being piss weak!

I probably shouldn't admit that I ended up giving him a break.  But, unlike
last year's SS, he was the only other MM I worked . . .

> [Lee/AA4GA]  My beef is with two operators who refused to work me because
> I was a "dupe".

. . . which explains why this only happened to me once this year.  It must
have happened to me about a dozen times last year!

> [Ward/N0AX]  I found that calling offset to give a lower pitch in the
> call-ee receiver worked much better on the noisy low-bands for my QRPeanu
> Whistle.

But different RX's use different "sidebands" on CW, so how do you know if
you should call higher or lower?  E.g., my TS-440 always receives CW on USB,
while the TS-930 I used for this contest always uses LSB.

BTW, at the start of the contest, when I was having trouble picking calls
out of the pileups, I found that a station calling off-frequency would get
through better than everybody else who was zero-beat!

> [LifeIsTooShort/K7SS]  Well is everyone ready for that ol' subject to be
> brought up again? . . .


> . . . PART TIME ENTRIES in CONTESTS.  Tried selling it at the TOP of the
> cycle.  Boy that was a big mistake.

It's ALWAYS a big mistake ;-)

> [Steve/K0SF]  I say let the spoils go to the diehards, but create the
> shortened period entry in all contests for us family "wimps".

See, Danny?  Jeez, here's a stick.  Go poke a beehive!

> [Trey/KKN]  Contest period for part-timers is 12Z Sun through 03Z Monday,
> operate 12 hours max.

OK, accommodating part-timers might not be such a silly idea after all.  But
why stop at two categories?  Twelve hours might still be too much for Steve.

So, let's have 24 categories -- a category dependent on the number of hours
you worked, from 1 to 24.  This would accommodate everybody.  And the ARRL
would NOT have to make separate boxes for each category, they'd just have to
annotate each score with its hours-worked category and list them together by
total points.

This way everybody could read the listings and compare their scores with
others in the same category.  You'd have to be an awfully lazy reader to
whine about such a generous accommodation.  But do you think the League
could be convinced to be this generous?

> [Trey/KKN]  I would like to see the ARRL include "hours operated" in the
> line scores for all contests as done with Sweepstakes.

Oh.  It's already done for SS?  Well, then, never mind :-)

> [Bob/N4HY]  This whole topic needs to be moved to the reflector
> toilet-humor at crap.com where it will be read in the place and/or
> given the time it deserves.

Yeah.  Maybe N2MM will volunteer :-)

73.  Next we'll see what kind of fists you guys have on phone!  --John/K2MM

P.S.  My CK histogram:

   0 00-09     249 50-59
   0 10-19     295 60-69
   3 20-29     216 70-79
  39 30-39      99 80-89
  48 40-49      61 90-99

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