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Tue Nov 8 18:07:18 EST 1994

N6ND / KA5Q opr.  94 SS CW score and summary.
SOHP SDG Section

1 Radio, Lots of antennas, rusty operator.

      160        0        0        -
       80       43       86        -
       40      533     1066        -
       20      403      806        -
       15      238      476        -
       10        0        0        -
     Totals   1217     2434       77

               Score:  187,418

A personal best, but at best only 3rd in SDGO section.

Thanks a million to Rick, N6ND and Myrna, KD6HRP for their great hospitality.
 Thanks to all for the contacts.  I really admire the effort and skill it
takes to break into the top 20.  

73 de Ken/KA5Q/6
     Have Key and Keyboard.. Will Travel

>From scott at 6.microbbs.us.com (Scott Lieberman)  Tue Nov  8 21:52:38 1994
From: scott at 6.microbbs.us.com (Scott Lieberman) (Scott Lieberman)
Date: 08 Nov 94 13:52:38 -0800
Subject: ss comments de K4XU
Message-ID: <0bb_9411071556 at microbbs.us.com>

 H> Due to a math error, I ended operating 15 minutes over.  N6TR
 H> needs an operating time meter....  Now to figure which QSOs to
 H> cut!

What if a number of top ops operated 30 hours and then cut out their worst 
6 hours?  Doesn't sound kosher to me.
I think the ethical thing to do is count the first 24 hours.
Comments?  Flames?

      Scott, N1EE/6    operator at W6BIP in beautiful 'Frisco
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