94 CQP Score (KE9I, Indiana)

Gerard Jendraszkiewicz jend at midway.uchicago.edu
Mon Oct 3 19:07:51 EDT 1994

         CW     SSB

160     Nil     Nil
 80      27      78
 40      35      11
 20      74     183
 15      81     229
 10     Nil       6
Total   217     507  

Multiplier (58)

Total Score 96,338

Comments : 15 meters was very good 20-23Z first day, lots of strong signals 
! 20 O.K. but to many nets, operators and characters especially on Sunday 
morning. Did not know that there were so many Frequency Deeds issued by 
Marconi ! 40M Plain "SUCKED". 80M surprise, surprise was the only word I 
could think of ! Lots of stations after the good old boys went to bed ! 
04-06Z. 10M, hey the band did open, but only for about 20 mins and had to 
point the ant south ! Heard a few guys calling but as they turned the ants 
to the NE poof ! no more signals !!
Lots of BIG scores, hopefully made the top 20 !

Found the last 2 counties (Imperial 20m, AA6AN and Yolo 15m) it was tough 
sledding although !! Had fun and thanks to all the CA stations that took 
the time to work me. Has S8 to S9 line noise on Sunday on 20 and 15M.

Rig: Yaesu FT-1000D
Amp: Drake L-4B
Ant: KLM KT-34XA @55'
40/80: Vertical
40: Dipole @ 30'
80: 3 RX Loops (Per QST article)

See ya in the SS

jend at midway.uchicago.edu

>From Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 <jayk at bits.fc.hp.com>  Mon Oct  3 19:25:37 1994
From: Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 <jayk at bits.fc.hp.com> (Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826)
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 94 12:25:37 MDT
Subject: K0GU CQP
Message-ID: <9410031825.AA25252 at bits.fc.hp.com>

BAND       CW   PHONE        K0GU 1994 CQP   Colorado   Single Op   ~10 Hours
160         0       1
 80        11      29        Missed: Colusa, Modoc, Stanislaus & San Benito
 40        17      31
 20        55     161        Guess I should have checked the novice bands!
 15        15      23        Got home at 07Z Sunday morning, seems most
                             everyone had gone to bed already. TNX K6LL (Imp).
Total      98     245
Mults = 54    ~45K           73, Jay K0GU   jayk at fc.hp.com

>From Robert A. Wilson" <n6tv at VNET.IBM.COM  Mon Oct  3 19:36:38 1994
From: Robert A. Wilson" <n6tv at VNET.IBM.COM (Robert A. Wilson)
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 94 11:36:38 PDT
Subject: CQP Claimed Scores -- send them to me

To cut down on reflector traffic, please send your CQP scores (NOT YOUR
LOGS) to me (N6TV at vnet.ibm.com).  I'll summarize for the group.

If you have already posted it to the reflector, no need to resend.

Logs may be sent via DISKETTE or PAPER ONLY to K6PU.  We cannot accept
Internet submissions this year.  Maybe next year.

I hope everyone had fun!

Bob, N6TV
1994 CQP County Coordinator

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