Mon Oct 3 13:03:58 EDT 1994

Ok, Sutter County was represented by KJ6TC, AH8I (ex AA6LB), N6UXB,
KN6OX and NV6O.  We found a little boat-launching facility with camping
next to the Feather River just east of Live Oak, Ca.

500W with Ten-Tec Hercules (110A at 12V) to Stealth-mobile mounted
Texas Bugcatcher. Basically same set-up as last year in Glenn County.

We think we had 730 Q's and 58 mults.  However, (BIG HOWEVER) ,

The first 235 are lost in the hard drive of the Toshiba along with
Rhode Island.  No, there was no disc in the A: drive and autosave was
not on. ( I know, I know, Iknow ******especially with a non-commercial
power source)

We were about 60 percent cw, since we could not compete on 20 phone
worth a darn.  75 phone was great!!!  15 meters was the band we kept
coming back to.

Great Barbeque - Smoked Pork Roast and Chicken.  Always take your Weber.

When we asked CT to reopen the file, there were no contacts in the
logging area.  Dir showed 1024 bytes.  Where did the Q's go?

If the file was overwritten, do I still have a chance in (*&^%$) to
reclaim these Q's?

Will anybody believe me?

Great fun again - We were within 20 miles of Colusa, but our mission
(should we choose to accept?) was Sutter.

Grumble, Grumble
Eric, NV6O
edwoods at pacbell.com

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