bill.lumnitzer at paonline.com bill.lumnitzer at paonline.com
Tue Oct 4 13:13:26 EDT 1994

   California QSO Party -- 1994

   Call: N6CQ/3   State: PA  Hours: 21
   Category: Single Operator High Power 
          CW      SSB 
    80    22       29         
    40    46      128         
    20    82      174         
    15    73      163         
    10     6       24         

    757 Q's = 1723 pts X 56 counties  =  96,488

  Equipment Description: FT-1000, AL-1200

  Antennas: KT-34XA @ 55'
            5el 20m @ 126'
            3el 40m @ 115'
            3el 80m wire Yagi @85' (off the back to CA)

  My usual fiasco the first couple of hours.  After a while I noticed
that QSOs were disappearing from my log! In desperation, I tried to switch
to CT8.53 but couldn't get it to accept log entries without crashing!
Back to AD6E program and reconstruct log.  I think the problem was caused
by my inadvertently hitting ENTER instead of Spacebar between fields. 
Then about 2 hours into the contest, the remote antenna switch decided to
switch from 15 to 40 and freeze! Almost packed it in at this point but
remembered I had a spare somewhere. Replaced antenna switch and was actually
able to have fun the remainder of the test. 

Worked several stations 80-10 both modes, thanks to a nice short opening on
10 late Sunday afternoon. Lots of LOUD signals on all bands but it seemed
that there wasn't quite enough activity. Got a number of 9+40 reports but
couldn't seem to raise anybody for long stretches. Missed Stanislaw and
San Benito counties but I guess they were available. Didn't think to check
the novice bands.  Got excited when N6EE (Stanislaw?) called me but he gave
me NR 1 Mendocino :-( too late, darn! 

On another note, according to the FAQ, the main purpose for this reflector
is to report contest scores, isn't it?

73 Bill, N6CQ/3  (n6cq at paonline.com)

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