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dcurtis at dcurtis at
Tue Oct 4 11:03:46 EDT 1994

> On 4 Oct 1994, Kurszewski Chad wrote:
> > I vote (in case it isn't obvious) to allow CONTEST SCORES to be published on
> > the CQ-CONTEST reflector.
> > 
> > Sincerely,  Chad  WE9V
> I second the vote! All in favor, AYE! All opposed, go to the DX 
> Reflector! Steve KO0U/4
Ooooh, this is wierd, even I, an "Evil VHF Rover" agrees with
Steve on something.  The name is cq-contest... anyting related
to contesting can be expected to show up here.  You have two
  a) Buy a unix system and some speedy modems, add some phone
     lines, install some reflector software and dedicate a
     piece of your life to running some specialized contest
     sub-topic reflectors.
  b) get real fast with your delete key (fortunately, my job
     gives me lots of practice on this one...) and thank 
     'KKN for the wonderful service that he dedicates a piece
     of his life to running.
73, Dave "Not really all that evil" NG0X dcurtis at

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