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Tue Oct 4 10:20:35 EDT 1994

My apologies to all for a recent screw-up here that resulted in what
was supposed to have been private mail to K6XO going out to the whole
reflector.  It was operator error, pure and simple!  All I can say is
that I will try to be MUCH more careful in the future when I use "repl"
in mh to edit out the "cc:" line.

Anyway, here is my summary for the weekend:

Category:  S/O, High Power, County Expedition (Alpine/Mono County Line)

          CW    SSB
160       28     13
 80      120    106
 40      135     42
 20      237    351
 15      139    240
 10        0     10
Total:   659    762    --> 199,557 (multiplier of 57--missed HI!)

Equipment:  A3 up 50', R5 vertical, 2 element wire beam on 40 up 45',
monoband vertical on 40, 270' dipole center fed with ladder line, up 45'.
Using a Yaesu FT-990 into a Dentron MLA-2500B (500-900 watts output).
This was all put up in 2 days of VERY strenuous effort, by myself, during
30-40 knot winds and driving hail on a bare and lonely mountain top in 
the Sierra mountains.  I was at 8100 feet and it was just incredibly cold!  
Saturday night I finally ended up with every piece of clothing I had brought 
with me on, for warmth, and sitting in the operating chair snuggled into a 
mummy-style sleeping bag.  You should have seen me trying to work the 
foot pedal on phone through the sleeping bag!  Like a dummy, the only 
protection I had was a tarp thrown over a rope and tied down at the corners.
The whole thing finally blew apart Sunday night in the wind.  I guess this
was good training for my next Bouvet operation!

It's too bad county lines don't cross hilltops in convenient locations,
but that's just the way it is, I guess.  Many thanks to all who worked me.
And again, apologies for being an incompetent mail operator.
                                   Bruce, AA6KX

>From Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at dot.gov>  Tue Oct  4 17:49:37 1994
From: Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at dot.gov> (Larry Schimelpfenig)
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 1994 12:49:37 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: NA BUGS?
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9410041237.A928-9100000 at mailstorm.dot.gov>

Last week someone alluded to problems with NA. I haven't used 9.05 in any
major test, but have had a problem in naqp and sprint. Work a dx station
and log him as dx and I crash out of NA to the dos prompt. In sprint the
first band I logged ZD8Z on worked find, but it bombed out on the second
band. Are there other problems with 9.05 I should be aware of? Don't
wannna get into WW and discover I'm using bum software. 73 from the right
coast de Larry K7SV

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