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Tue Oct 4 09:59:24 EDT 1994

I concur with dave, KY1H; 
i vote for one posting with a condensed version; 
put all the details into an ftp area so one can find them if desired;
There is too much mail after a contest to wade thru..
-jim, NM1W

>From pub703 at (Rod Greene)  Tue Oct  4 14:04:38 1994
From: pub703 at (Rod Greene) (Rod Greene)
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 1994 07:04:38 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Vertical Phasing Summary
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From: W7ZRC
Re: Vertical Antenna Phasing
Hello All, and thanks for the messages. Sorry for the delay in
preparing this...
In summary, most respondents were either using the Comtek box with 4
veticals (4 square array) or suggested checking out the "Low Band
Dxing" book by ON4UN. Several reported using the 4 Square Array
several years ago and all have had very good results. One used a
simple "T" connector. One phased two HyTowers with a simple LC
For a few years around 1980 I used a home brew 4 Square array on 80.
It was a copy of the W1CF array described in QST, Ham Radio, etc using
the Wilkinson power divider and relays with a stack of phasing lines
(I think my wife hated it, looked like a bunch of snakes). This was an
outstanding antenna system at a time when there weren't many of its'
type around, and tons of fun breaking pile ups. 
I may try the Comtek box this time simply because it's supposed to
work with either 2 or 4 antennas and would be a cleaner installation.
To save bandwidth I won't post the detail responses. If you would like
a copy sent directly, please let me know.
73, Rod W7ZRC pub703 at
Rod Greene, W7ZRC
InterNet: pub703 at
CompuServe: 71551,2401

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