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Wed Oct 5 08:55:44 EDT 1994

Hi DX Cluster users,

I tried to post my comment on the first emailing of this interesting 
subject but my computer connection failed after a lot of two fingers 

> In the UK, some sysops are very firmly against self-spotting and use 
> SET/DXNOK or SET/BADDX as soon as the first self-spot arrives from a 
> contester, but most take no action.

There is also an HB9 sysop in the neighboroughhood going bananas when
someone selfspots!  However, I am allways delighted seeing selfspots from 
4U1ITU, 4U1VIC, T77T and likes...  As a rare prefix S56A  (only two other 
active HF stations are S56M & S56MM), I feel I am doing a favor to WPX
chassers if I occassionally announce my frequency.  I also get called by
some personal friends who are not very active in the contest (tnx G5LP).

>A number of folks said that if a they saw a self-spot, they made a 
>deliberate decision to _avoid_ a contact with that station.

Even if they need that station!?  I very much doubt that...

>Peter also uses all other legal ways to solicit qsos by ham radio that are 
>available, and suggested that in some quarters, there is a belief that in 
>HF contests, only HF should be used to find and work stations.

This seems to be W6 CQ WW quarters attitude toward single op!

>an add-on to CT that sends a self-spot every few minutes and on every QSY.

No beacons, please...

>My feelings?  I'll let anyone do anything on my cluster node so long as 
>it is legal, decent and doesn't impact too heavily on other users.  

Exactly!  I remember a long time ago an English professor told me in Sarajevo
that worldwide networks would be the most democratic way of communications!
Remember Ross Perrot's idea of electronic vilages (reminder to my numerous 
US friends)?

>If my trunk links overload during a contest, then I get them running faster 
>for the next one.  

Contests are the only time when all the ham radio frequencies may be overloaded
and we should rejoice in it as we only then justify the usage of valueable 
radio spectrum assigned for hobby purposes...

>Is there any need for a rule change to encompass this use of packet?  

Strongly NO!

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.

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