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Thu Oct 6 14:00:13 EDT 1994

On 04 Oct 94 14:37:42 -0800, Scott Lieberman wrote:

>I do not use a mail reader, so I am not sure how sophisticated they are. 
How are you reading your mail? bit by bit? :=)

Why not simply have an identifier in the Subject header, so those who
want to can filter it.



73 Len WF2V

>From pduff at (Phill Duff)  Thu Oct  6 20:28:58 1994
From: pduff at (Phill Duff) (Phill Duff)
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 94 13:28:58 -0600
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For whatever reason, it wasn't apparent to me at the time that ARRL 
was sending e-mail confirmations of receipt for contest logs.

I never get confirmation of logs submitted via 1st class snail-mail.
Maybe I figured that e-mail was at least as reliable as that.
(maybe a wrong assumption!?)

I did receive a confirmation for my e-mailed IARU log so at least 
I know that my workstation mail-handler isn't sending long e-mail 
messages to /dev/null.  And it alerted me that ARRL was sending 
confirmations for logs received, at least for the IARU test.

It never occurred to me at that time that lack of a confirmation for 
my ARRL DX log might indicate loss of same.
Note that another reflector poster indicated that he requested
confirmation of receipt of his ARRL DX log and never got a reply
until his brother called them on landline.

Who knows, maybe I just forgot to send the log. But I don't think so,
not after exchanging numerous e-mail notes with folks including KR1R to 
ensure I was e-mailing the correct ARRL Std format files. 

 Tnx de Phil - NA4M

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>From Alan Brubaker <alan at nah.dsd.ES.COM>  Thu Oct  6 20:17:40 1994
From: Alan Brubaker <alan at nah.dsd.ES.COM> (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 94 13:17:40 -0600
Subject: ARRL DX RESULTS and trashed logs...
Message-ID: <199410061917.NAA19603 at nah.dsd.ES.COM>

I had this experience recently when I submitted my K6XO/125 log
to the ARRL. I received a reply telling me that the log was not
intact and something about their mail handler not dealing with
long messages very well. I was asked just to submit my name and
address and how many /125 stations I had worked. I have since
received the certificate.

It is possible that there may be some limit on the number of
bytes some programs can handle in an ASCII file, and it may
be necessary to break up your file into smaller chunks. Without
some testing, it is difficult to say what the limit is.

Alan, K6XO

alan at

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