Illinois QSO Party

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Fri Oct 7 13:22:44 EDT 1994

The Illinois QSO party is a short one on Sunday afternoon.  Our club is
hopeful to use it as training ground (along with field day) to get more
interest in contesting.  If you have time, please give a few qs.


1800Z Sun, Oct 9  to 0200Z Mon, Oct 10
1:00 pm to 9:00 pm, CDT  Sunday, Oct 10

Stations may be worked once per band and mode, and IL stations can contact
other in-
state stations of QSO and multiplier credit.

Exchange:  RS(T) and QTH.  County for IL stations; state, province, or DX
country for 

Scoring:  One point for phone contacts, 2 points for CW.  IL stations
multiply total QSO 
points by (state+provinces+IL counties+mximum of 5 countries) worked.
 Additional DX 
QSO's count for points but not multiplier.  Others use IL counties for
(maximum of 102)  IL mobiles add 200 points to final score for each county
from which 
10 or more QSOs were made.

Frequencies:  CW--3550, 7050, 14050 and 30 kHz above bottom edge of Novice 
subbands for CW and 28390 for phone.  SSB--3890, 7290, 14290.  Other bands
may also 
be used.

Awards:  Certificates will be sent to the top 10 scoring IL fixed stations, 5
IL mobiles, 
winners in each state, province, county and the highest club/team aggregate
score.  A 
plaque goes to the top-scoring Illinois station (fixed and mobile).

Logs:  Indicate band and mode, circle each new multiplier, and IL mobiles
must indicate 
each county change.  Stations with over 100 QSOs must submit a dupe sheet.
	A summary sheet showing the scoring and the usual signed declaration is also

required.  Mailing deadline for logs is November 7th to:  RAMS, 3820 N.
Chicago, IL 60634.  Enclose an SASE for contest results.


>From DAVID ROBBINS KY1H W-413-494-6955 H-413-655-2714 ROBBINS at GUID2.DNET.GE.COM <robbins at>  Fri Oct  7 18:27:00 1994
From: DAVID ROBBINS KY1H W-413-494-6955 H-413-655-2714 ROBBINS at GUID2.DNET.GE.COM <robbins at> (DAVID ROBBINS KY1H W-413-494-6955 H-413-655-2714 ROBBINS at GUID2.DNET.GE.COM <robbins at>)
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 94 13:27:00 EDT
Subject: propagation info on internet
Message-ID: <9410071720.AA00701 at>

if you have mosaic available on internet check out the new space environment
lab experimental server.  open the URL  , this
gives you access to the latest forecasts, wwv sf/a/k numbers and graphs, 
solar images, goes satellite data, and links to a bunch of other stuff I 
haven't had a chance to look at yet.

73, Dave KY1H  Robbins at

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