LTA soundblaster software

zf8bs at zf8bs at
Wed Oct 12 16:59:21 EDT 1994

>Last night I was trying out the multimedia interface on WriteLog and found
>a second or so delay between hitting the function key and the output
>from the sound card. Does this delay occur in the LTA soundblaster software?
>Does this delay occur when using the CT DVP board? With the homebrew
>DVK, simular to the W9XT card, the output is NOW.
>Jim, 'Still working on the bad audio, just automating it', WA6SDM
>jholly at

On the Sound Blaster with the LTA Voice Blaster software, whatever delay
there is between hitting the key and the message being sent is imperceptible.
It might sound like crap, what with all the audio hum I still can't get rid
of, but it sure is quick!

Don't forget that you're running under Windows.  Nothing happens quickly
under Windows.  Have you ever tried listening to the CW sent by CT when
you run CT in a Windows DOS box?  Try it.

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