Open Logs and XYL QSOs

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Wed Oct 19 08:47:05 EDT 1994

I'm an XYL.  Often in a contest my single op, unassisted, OM will
be my only contact.  He sends in a log.  I, with 6 contacts, only with
him, do not.  I'm not ashamed.  We do it fairly.  Here's how: 

We have more than one radio.  One little radio, the Kenwood 440 is not
part of the contest set up except in emergencies.  We save it for mobile
use and for casual operating.  It's off to the side, and the OM can't see
it while he is contesting.

I can walk downstairs, listen on the 440 and find where he is
operating.  I have enough experience that I can figure out what band he
is on without asking him or looking at his operating position.  He has
the big antennas.  I can always find him on a band.  If the OM makes
several CQs without getting an answer I drop in my call once.  If he
hears me he works me.  If not, then not.

My use of the station and my own call is legal.  My OM does not know if or
when I will call him.  I am as legal a log entry as any other log entry.
We don't set up appointments, agree in advance on frequencies, or make
any other arrangement for a QSO.  He doesn't buy me gifts in return for 

I am a bit annoyed that "xyl" QSOs are singled out by some (or one) as
something that a true contester might want to hide.  They are within
the rules and the spirit of the contest; an operator heard "CQ contest"
and responded.  I enjoy surprising the OM if he is having a slow
period.  Why shouldn't I do this?

By the way, in Sweepstakes when I am one of the operators in a
multi-op, I obviously won't do this.  

Perhaps  "xyl" QSOs or "family-member" QSOs should by covered by
the Americans with Disabilities Act:  I am handicapped by marriage to a
contester and rarely get to operate myself.  a contester might want to
keep from public view.

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