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Mon Apr 3 08:45:20 EDT 1995

Just turning in my BARTG score late as usual

Had a good time, had good europe conditions all weekend.
Didn't find much of Asia.

Best DX all weekend was YK5UN who called me, not bad for down side
of cycle, and in the black hole.

Here is my score:

227 Qso's
34  Dist's
59  DX

Total Score 105,555

CUL Dean

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Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 07:59:20 EST
Subject: Kids SquINT (Kids Contest)
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Hi George
If they have their own ticket and can operate in that portion of the band they
can use their own call.  If the General doesn't come in time, you be the control
op and assist in any thing you feel you need too.

Hope to hear you on the 15th!


>From al019 at> (D. R. Evans  Mon Apr  3 00:21:19 1995
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Date: Sun, 2 Apr 1995 17:21:19 -0600
Subject: Kids SquINT (Kids Contest)
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> What's the age limit for a "kid"? It might give my 16 year old daughter 
> some incentive to start studying for her license again.

This is actually a serious question. Last time, a W7 who was most obviously not 
a kid answered one of my daughters' CQs, and although I politely explained that 
this thing was for kids, I felt like a real lid for doing so.

Is it OK for non-kids to work kids and exchange information? (What is K1AR's
favourite colour, anyway?) 

(Not, you notice, that I have addressed the issue of what constitutes a "kid".)

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