EA Score

aa9jy at comone.com aa9jy at comone.com
Mon Apr 3 08:45:28 EDT 1995

Now I turning in score early on this one.

Not much activity on this one, just the usual crowd, minus a couple.

Very little VE activity.

Bands not bad Saturday, but terrible on Sunday morning.
Missed Saturday night, came to late, EA's went to bed early,
except for my friend EA7GXD, who seems to always find me.

83  Qso's
28  DX
14  EA  mults

Total qso points 132
Total mults       42
Total score      5,544

I used 1 KW and modified WF1B program for logging, works well has great
base. It can track dupes per band in dx-pedition mode, not bad

Only thing is to modify log and summary sheet in Word Perfect

Will be using this in future small contests.

Good Contesting

Dean AA9JY

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