Multiplier Mania

Robert Barron barron at
Mon Apr 3 10:47:08 EDT 1995

George Cutsogeprge (W2VJN) wrote:
> K1KPs posting started me thinking about the geographically
> challenged scoring problem again.  I think that changing the
> multiplier number for the various continents is a good idea.  It could
> have the effect of increasing the activity level world wide, no t just
> in the western USA.  Suppose VK (or any other Oceania country) was a
> multiplier of, say, 10 or some other number that was much larger than
> multipliers from heavily represented areas.  This would make
> contesting much more fun for people in Oceania a s they would be in
> great demand, and that would stimulate activity. 

Although not exactly the same as the proposals that have been
discussed thus far the upcoming GridLoc contest will help determine
the effect of more multipliers on activity.  Both JA's and VK's will
supply multiple multipliers.
> Large multipliers for the rarer countries and/or continents would also
> help cut down on the CQing by big stations as they would have to S&P
> more to win.  Its easy to implement and check, not like some other
> suggestions such as the 5 minute rule.  No time is lost by  the
> operator and in my opinion, the fun level is increased. 

There are conflicting opinions about the operating technique that
will win GridLoc.  Continuous CQ'ing or more band changes and
hunting and pouncing both have their believers.  We'll see.


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>From joerg at (Joerg Pamp)  Mon Apr  3 16:19:20 1995
From: joerg at (Joerg Pamp) (Joerg Pamp)
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 17:19:20 +0200
Subject: JW/DF6JC WPX Score (SO14)
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Hi there
I just returned from Svalbard therefore maybe a little late my score.
For antenna problems I wasn't able to work on the low bands, sorry.

Call: JW/DF6JC                                 Country:  Svalbard
Mode: SSB                                      Category: Single Operator 14MHz

BAND      QSO       QSO PTS       PTS/Q    PREFIXES
 20      1426          3091         2.2       586      =  1,811,326

Thanks for calling!


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