Grid Lock or Lack Of!

Sun Apr 9 12:32:18 EDT 1995

Wow!! This one will need a jump start!!  We didn't hear more than 5 other
stations that knew what the contest was!

KK5GJ  Multi-Single EM20
9 Hrs
FT-1000 / 3 Ele. Tribander @ 70ft.
TR Logging (worked great!)
Ops: KK5GJ -Phone/KB5YVT-CW

291 Q's X 113 = 32883

All Q's were made on 20m except a short 10m opening for about 18 Q's.  15m
was DEAD here !  Good Idea hope it will
have more support next year!

73 Mike..

>From Pete Stafford <mxyztplk at>  Sun Apr  9 22:53:22 1995
From: Pete Stafford <mxyztplk at> (Pete Stafford)
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 1995 17:53:22 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: K2PS GridLoc 95
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9504091755.A16161-0100000 at>

For such lousy condx, contest became a domestic affair which wasn't all 
bad.  Was fun seeing how different sections of the country came through 
at certain times, kind of like the 10 Meter contest.  Actually, 20 acted 
like that, with certain squares from Texas, Okla, and La the only areas 
heard early on.

Next go-around might I suggest not counting squares on EACH band.  
Rather, count 'em once, like SS.  This forces us to use all bands 
judiciously, and not just go for rate.  Too many mults this way.

Good timing having it the same day as the County Hunters Contest.  Lots 
of contest-types out there, and not too hard to convince 'em to give name 
and grid in exchange for county!

Final score:

40M 77Q 49Grids
20M 98Q 70Grids

Totals 175Q's X 119 Grids = 20,825

Single Op 100W SSB Only

73 de Pete, K2PS

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